How to distinguish iPhone SE from disguised iPhone 5s

The situation with the iPhone SE is really a precedent. iPhone 3GS from iPhone 3G was characterized by the presence of a compass and the ability to record video, iPhone 4s from the usual “four” – Siri, iPhone 5s had a Touch ID, and in the iPhone 6s appeared 3D Touch, which was not in the previous model. iPhone SE from the iPhone 5s does not look absolutely different at all. Even the pink color is not a panacea for enterprising Chinese.

How to be? Yes, it’s very simple! Ever since time immemorial, there is a way to learn about any Apple-device all the inside story, and with 100 percent certainty. This is a serial number check, and it’s easy.

How to determine the serial number of iPhone SE

First you need to know the serial of our iPhone. You can see it in the settings (“General” → “About this device”).

SE iPhone warranty review page

Now go to the Apple warranty review page, enter the serial number and the verification code.

Device model definition
No, I did not fall victim to scammers, this is my old iPhone 5s

By the result of the test, it’s easy to determine which model is really in front of us: the iPhone SE or the iPhone 5s disguised.

As you can see, everything is simple. Be vigilant and always check what you are buying. Then the scammers will be left without work!