How to find a company for any occupation for 1 hour

Geolocation service GotYou is created primarily for real communication: you find interesting events and new institutions, get to know people, make appointments and communicate in reality.

Unlike other social services, GotYou is focused precisely on the location, on what is happening next to you.

And it opens a lot of new opportunities, including a useful feature “Let us …”, with which you can find yourself a company in one hour.

By the way, the GotYou service has a website and a mobile application for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. So you can negotiate meetings and look for a company near your home, office, favorite park or just next to you at the moment, wherever you are.

A little later, I’ll talk about the feature “Let’s go ..”, and now a little about the capabilities of the service itself.

New events, people, institutions

At GotYou you have your own profile, in which you can add photos and information about yourself. Immediately after registration, you can search for new people, view user profiles on the map or in the list, set filters like gender or age, to quickly find those who are right for you.

menu  search_people

You can subscribe to profiles you are interested in, send gifts and write private messages – in general, get acquainted and communicate.

chat  feed_mine

Even more interesting is the search for events, after all, so you get to know many people, participate in cheerful parties and flash mobs, attend concerts, exhibitions and other interesting events in your city.

You yourself can create an event, for example, invite all subscribers to karaoke or collect a whole crowd at the rink to get to know everyone and have fun.

search_events  feed_event

In GotYou there is information about institutions. You learn about different cafes, cinemas, clubs and other institutions of your city, as well as events like actions, new parties, concerts and so on.

search_places  profile_place

In order not to get bored in the absence of interesting events and to get to know other people faster, you can take part in games, for example, in the game of sympathy.

In this game you see portraits of GotYou users and note whether you like the person or not. If your opinions coincide about each other, it will be easier to start communication.


Well, if you want fast dating and a suitable company for any occupation, just use the function “Come on …”.

Offer your own and choose the best

All of the above features are available on all platforms, so you can get acquainted, offer your ideas for hanging out and negotiate meetings from anywhere with the availability of the Internet.


Let’s say you work in an office and want to dine at a cafe nearby, but you do not have a company. Open the profile in GotYou, mark “Let’s …” item “Lunch together” and wait.

Your offer will be seen by all people who are nearby, and those who wish to respond will see it within an hour. You can only choose the right person, and voila – the company is found for lunch.

In the same way, you can find a company for any classes, starting with a sweet chatter over a cup of tea or sitting in a cozy place and ending with a dawn meeting and any incredible idea that comes to your mind.

As soon as your offer has responded and you have chosen the right person, for other users it becomes irrelevant, so you do not have to delete it yourself or write to all “no longer necessary”, “already gone” and so on.

Thus, using GotYou, you find people who are interested in your ideas in one hour or even faster. You can only guess how much your social circle will increase and how quickly it will happen. In any case, it’s worth trying it yourself.