How to quickly make a poster or a poster: 4 free services

1. Canva

How to quickly make a poster in Canva

In Canva, you will find more than 8,000 templates for quick creation of posters. The service allows you to customize the background and add text to the posters, the pictures you downloaded, as well as illustrations and other decorations from the Canva library. Some of the templates and decorative elements are available for free, the rest can be bought separately or received as part of a paid subscription.

The Canva service is available in the web editor and iOS application format. There are no versions for Android yet.

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2. Desygner

How to make a poster in Desygner

This editor is not inferior to the possibilities of Canva. With Desygner you can also create posters and other graphics, combining images, texts, stickers and other decorations on one canvas. Desygner offers hundreds of free templates, illustrations and images as source files. To get access to the full collection of materials, as well as easy search for them, you need to subscribe to a paid subscription.

Desygner can be used in the browser and programs for mobile devices on Android and iOS.

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3. Fotor

Poster online in Fotor

Fotor – a multifunctional service for working with graphics. It allows you to do approximately the same thing as the above editors of posters: upload images, overlay text, stickers and other elements.

And even more: in Fotor there are many tools for image editing and collage making. At the same time, the service does not have many source materials, as in Canva and Desygner. Having issued a paid subscription, you will get more sources and functions for editing graphics.

Fotor is available in the browser, and also as programs for the main desktop and mobile platforms.

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4. Bambinic

Children's metrics in Bambinic

The Bambinic project deserves special attention. This is not a universal poster editor, but a highly specialized service designed to create a children’s metric. For this purpose in Bambinic there are several templates with cartoon illustrations and memorable signatures. To create a bright poster for your child, you only need to select a template and fill it out by specifying information about the child (for example, the number of teeth, height, weight, first words).

Bambinic exists only in the form of a website, there are no applications for the service.

Site of Bambinic →

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