The best iPad applications for video editing: iMovie, Pinnacle Studio and others

Our iPad, in fact, is a multi-faceted device with a lot of different usage scenarios, one of which is video editing. Due to the large diagonal of the screen and relatively powerful stuffing iPad with ease can be used for the installation of simple rollers. Video from your last vacation, matinee in kindergarten and any other home video – easily you can turn into a “film”. Apple took care of us and released iMovie for the iPad, but besides it there are many more similar applications. Is it worth looking for alternatives and which ones deserve your attention?



As you understand, iMovie is Apple’s proprietary application for installation and ported to iOS with OS X. With it, you can import a clip and several clips; cut or glue them to the right place; Add transitions, effects and titles. Also iMovie supports the creation of cool trailers on the go. In addition, it features all the traditional functions for editing applications, such as picture-in-picture, split-screen, slow-mo effects, and more. The interface and use of the application itself is similar to the Mac version, so if you are familiar with it, mastering iMovie on the iPad does not take much time. Also worth noting is that you can send finished videos to Apple TV or to another iOS device via AirDrop.


If you do not want to break away from the Apple ecosystem and prefer branded applications – choose iMovie.

Pinnacle Studio


Pinnacle Studio, formerly known as Avid Studio, exists significantly longer than iMovie for iOS and contains many of its features. The control interface is slightly different, but it allows you to display more controls, as in professional editing applications. The pluses of Pinnacle Studio include support for Box, Vimeo, Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft Skydrive, which is not in iMovie. Once your movie is ready – you can immediately upload it to the cloud or share it via Facebook, YouTube or Vimeo.


If you are interested in more editing options and integration with video services and cloud storage – Pinnacle Studio is just what you need.


videon1Videon is a universal solution. With it, you can not only mount the video, but also capture it, that is, shoot. The application has a lot of shooting capabilities, such as switching between front and back cameras, video stabilization, audio recording level and much more. As for editing, Videon has all the traditional functions, in addition, it has color correction filters, effects, preview, and other functions.


If your plans include shooting high-quality video, with a minimal need for editing – try Videon.



In fact, Magisto is a tool for video editing, but it is also very convenient for creating and sharing video clips. Simply select the photo or video from which you want to mount the video, decide on the style and select the song or melody that will be used as the soundtrack – everything else will be done by Magisto. Once the application has finished rendering the movie – you will receive a notification and immediately be able to view the video or share it with your friends. In the free version you can add up to 10 clips, after that you will need to buy a subscription.


If you want to create spectacular videos with a minimum of effort – Magisto (taking into account the subscription) will be the best choice.

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