Top 10 RPGs for iOS

For those who are tired of casual puzzles and the same type of runners, we have compiled a list of the best in our opinion role-playing games for the iPhone. In these projects there are elements of militants, tactical strategies and puzzles. But the main thing is the pleasure in killing crowds of enemies, collecting objects and pumping a character.

Lone wolf

The basis of the story line is taken from the book “The Lonely Wolf” by Joe Dever. Depending on the character chosen, the player has to make various decisions that affect the course of events. Fights with enemies occur in a step-by-step mode and require some tactical wit. The game can boast of good graphics, a dynamic gameplay and three acts in the campaign.

Order Chaos Online

By installing Order Chaos Online, you will receive an analog of Word of Warcraft on your iPhone. The game has a very flexible system for creating your own character, which implies the choice of race, class, faction. Performing tasks independently or with other participants, you can develop the abilities of your hero. In between assignments, you can participate in various tournaments or chat in a game chat. If you are a fan of World of Warcraft, then you can safely download for free Order Chaos Online.

Battleloot Adventure

Battleloot Adventure, in addition to its original bright graphics, has quite an interesting game mechanics. The game includes turn-based battles and exciting mini-games. As usual, the characters, accumulating experience, improve their characteristics and abilities. Each class has its strengths and weaknesses over other classes, which must be taken into account before each battle.

100 Rogues

In 100 Rogues we have to fight with zombies, skeletons, rats and other evil spirits with the help of various weapons. There are four classes of characters available in the game, two of which are purchased separately. Winning, accumulating experience, the hero develops his skills, opens new objects. A fairly complex and exciting role-playing game, in which you will find a lot of humor.

Galaxy on Fire 2

Excellent RPG, in which the player is invited to explore the vast expanses of the universe, to hunt for space pirates. The game is well traded, therefore, having managed to derive an economic benefit, you can upgrade your ship or improve other indicators. Galaxy on Fire 2 has a rich storyline, which guarantees a lot of fun.

Ravensword: Shadowlands

Ravensword: Shadowlands is very similar to the famous Elder Scrolls: a huge game world, quality graphics, a large number of quests, battles using cold weapons and spells. You have to develop your character, earn a reputation in front of various clans, depending on your playing style.

Arcane Legends

Mobile MMORPG with a more simplified gameplay than, for example, in the Order Chaos Online. The main feature of Arcane Legends is the ability to choose your pet, which can together with the main character attack enemies, or collect various useful items. The game is ideal for those who want to get experience in multiplayer RPG, but avoids overloaded gameplay.

Chaos Rings 2

Excellent role-playing game with good 3D graphics and a rich storyline, which is formed according to player choice, hidden bosses and many endings. If the background is important to you, then we recommend starting saving the world with Chaos Rings and Chaos Rings Ω.

The Banner Saga

Indie RPG with turn-based fights, inspired by Scandinavian mythology. More than 25 characters with unique skills and development options make it possible to form a squad corresponding to your style of play, and each player’s choice can affect the story in the future.

Dungeon Hunter 4

Traditional action-RPG with a linear campaign, during which we have to kill crowds of monsters in one-to-one or in a cooperative mode, selecting one of the four presented classes with unique abilities. As the progression progresses, the player unlocks and modernizes new weapons and armor. Cool graphics and simple gameplay in the style of “Ruby and run.”

We decided to choose exactly these projects, but in the App Store you can find many more worthy representatives of the genre of RPG. And what games, in your opinion, should be included in this collection?