8 best dictionaries and translators for Android and iOS

1. “Google Translator”

Google is one of the world leaders in the field of natural language processing. Her translator supports 103 languages ​​- an absolute record among similar programs. With most languages, the application works without connecting to the Web. In addition, it is perfectly integrated with Android: thanks to a special widget, you can quickly translate selected words in most other applications without leaving them.

The program translates not only the text printed in it, but also photographed or drawn on the screen inscriptions. Moreover, you can simply dictate several phrases to the application – it recognizes the words and translates them.

For convenience, Google Translator displays the history of past translations. Any of them can be saved in a special list so as not to lose.

2. “Microsoft Translator”

Microsoft has excelled in the field of machine translation, so its program is one of the most advanced in the market. The application performs two-way translation in more than 60 languages. With the most popular of them you can work offline.

Application chip – built-in chat with instant translation of replicas for each participant. You can correspond with friends from different countries, and the program will take care that all the interlocutors see the contents of the conversation in their chosen languages.

“Microsoft Translator” recognizes spoken speech and text in pictures. You can view the history of old translations and save any of them in a special section of the program.

3. iTranslate

Translator iTranslate uses the speech technologies of Google, Apple and Microsoft. The program has a convenient mode of translation of oral conversations and a table of conjugation of English verbs. The version for iOS looks more interesting: in it you will find the keyboard iTranslate for fast translation in other applications and the widget for convenient translation of the text from the clipboard.

The application supports 90 languages, but in offline mode you can only translate from other languages ​​to English and vice versa. At your service is the history of translations and the ability to save any of them.

Widget and keyboard for iOS, as well as offline translation and voice recognition are available only after registration of a paid subscription. Within seven days these functions can be tested for free.

4. ABBYY Lingvo

This application from the well-known Russian company ABBYY is a universal shell for different dictionaries. You can download free of charge 11 basic offline dictionaries, including English-Russian and Russian-English. Hundreds of others – thematic, explanatory and other for different languages ​​- are available in the application as built-in purchases. The dictionaries are compiled by authoritative world publishers.

The program can recognize the inscriptions on the pictures, and the iOS-version allows you to learn the selected words with the help of special cards. Dictionary entries in the application are written with hypertext: clicking on any word, you will open another article devoted to it.

5. Lingvo Live

Alternative version of the previous program. In Lingvo Live you can get help from other users in the built-in question and answer tape. In addition, the application gives full access to 140 offline dictionaries for 15 languages ​​and sets of dictionary cards as part of a paid subscription. Both translating and monolingual dictionaries are available. You can create your own cards and use basic online dictionaries for free.

6. Reverso

Reverso is a simple English dictionary and concurrently a contextual translator. The program perfectly copes with short phrases. She interprets not every word separately, but the entire phrase as a whole, preserving its meaning. For this purpose, the application uses ready-made translations made not by machines, but by live people.

Reverso scans official documents, subtitles of films and other multilanguage texts published on the Internet. As soon as the system finds in them the phrase you entered, it immediately displays its translation from another language version of the same text. The program displays various translation options from several sources with context.

The application supports 12 languages. Without connection to the Internet, the translator works in a simplified mode, showing translations of only the most popular phrases.

By paying for a subscription, you will have access to the history of transfers, will see more options for translating each word or phrase, and also remove advertising.

7. Multitran

A translation online dictionary, which is supplemented by a community of users. The application for iOS supports eight languages, the version for Android – 17, including Russian, English, Spanish and German. The main feature of “Multitran” is that the dictionary database contains a huge number of words from the scientific, technical and other niches.

The app shows ads. By purchasing a paid version, you will get rid of ads, and if you have iOS, then also unlock the history of translations, bookmarks and examples of using words.

8. Merriam-Webster Dictionary

The application of the well-known English dictionary. Holds hundreds of thousands of articles with interpretations, synonyms, antonyms, examples of use, related phrases and other information about words. You can quickly switch between the dictionary and thesaurus modes. In the first, the program shows a maximum of examples of use and interpretation. And in the thesaurus mode you will see more antonyms, synonyms and related words.

All information is available offline. In addition, the program has a lot of tests and games to check the vocabulary.

Against the background of competitors Merriam-Webster Dictionary stands out for its stylish and user-friendly interface. In addition, the application does not impose built-in purchases and does not impose restrictions. The full version of the dictionary is available free of charge with advertising, and the subscription cost for its disconnection is only 130 rubles per year. In addition, ads are not displayed without a connection to the web.

Perhaps your favorite dictionary or translator is not on our list. Tell us about it in the comments.

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