8 Best Weight Loss Exercises

What type of exercise is best to choose for weight loss?

Until now, there has been a debate about what is more effective: cardio or strength training. StudyEffects of aerobic and / or resistance training on body mass and fat mass in overweight or obese adults Leslie Willis (Leslie H. Willis) and his colleagues from Duke University showed that the exercises are better combined.

Participants who performed only cardio exercises, lost more fat. But people who combined cardio with power training, not only lost weight, but also increased muscle mass.

The advantage of combined training is confirmed by the studyThe effect of 12 weeks of aerobic, resistance or combination exercise training on cardiovascular risk factors in the overweight and obese in a randomized trial Suleen Ho (Suleen Ho) from the University of Curtin in Australia. 12 weeks of combined training helped the subjects to reduce weight and body fat more effectively than cardio or strength exercises separately.

It turns out that for maximum effect you need to perform both cardio and strength exercises.

The first energy-intensive, but the second pump out the muscles and due to oxygen debt will help burn calories not only during training, but also after it.

Lifkhaker found the most energy-intensive exercises for combined training. First, consider the options for which you need equipment: barbells, weights, ropes, stuffed ball, and then we turn to fat burning exercises with its own weight.

Exercises with equipment

1. Trials

This exercise is clearly invented in the underworld. First you squat with a barbell on your chest, and then, without stopping, do a bench shvung. You can not move slowly: you will lose speed and inertia and you will need an additional saddle to push the bar up. Therefore, the trails are carried out very intensively and spend a lot of energy.

Tracks well load hips and buttocks, shoulders and back. Also the muscles of the press are involved in the work.

Choose such a weight to perform 10 trasters without stopping, or even better – include them in the interval training, and you will regret that they were born.

2. Double wave with a rope

StudyMetabolic Cost of Rope Training Charles J. Fountaine of the University of Minnesota in Duluth showed that a 10-minute training with two ropes can burn 111.5 calories – about twice as much as during a run. Participants in the experiment performed a vertical wave with both hands for 15 seconds, and then rested for 45 seconds. And so 10 times.

During this exercise, the latissimus muscles of the back and the front deltas are well loaded, as the rear deltas and trapezium act as synergists. Thus, the exercise not only helps to spend calories, but also loads the entire top of the body well. Also, quadriceps and buttocks are involved in the work, and the press and extensors of the back stabilize the body.

In this video exercises with a rope are shown, including a double wave.

Try to repeat Fountain’s experiment and do 10 sets of 15 seconds. If it’s hard, reduce the running time to 10 seconds. You can also make interval training from different exercises with a rope, shown in the video.

3. Throws a printed ball in the wall

Throws of the ball in the wall resemble tracers. First you go to the squat, then straighten up, but instead of the bench shwig, throw the ball into the wall. This exercise works on quadriceps and buttocks, shoulders, back, trapezium, cortical muscles.

Throw balls must be performed with high intensity, and the load can be scaled, increasing the weight of the ball and adjusting the height to which you throw it.

Do 2-3 sets of 20-25 times or include shots in interval training. For example, throw the ball for 30 seconds, and do the rest of the minute for a few seconds, until you count 100 shots.

4. A jerk of weight

In January 2010, the American Council for Physical Exercise ACE published the results of the studyExclusive ACE research examines the fitness benefits of kettlebells , showing how many calories you can burn with a jerk dumbbell.

Subjects performed six jerks in 15 seconds, and then rested for 15 seconds. And so 20 minutes. Aerobic pathways burned 13.6 kcal per minute, and anaerobic burned 6.6 kcal. It turns out 20.2 kcal per minute and 404 kcal for 20 minutes!

In addition to the increased burning of calories, the weight wrench is useful for pumping the back and legs, strengthening the wrists and grip strength. Exercise develops endurance and speed, coaches movement coordination.

To burn more calories, select five exercises with weights and perform three laps of 15 reps each with 30-second breaks between exercises.

Exercises with own weight

1. Jumping rope

During the jumps rope muscles, triceps and pectoral muscles work through the rope. Exercise can burn from 700 to 1,000 kcal per hour, depending on the intensity. 20 minutes of jumping rope for energy costs are 45 minutes of quiet running.

Unlike running, jumping less load knees, as you land on both feet. This is an added plus for people with excess weight.

You can start your workout with a rope: jumps will help warm up the body well for the following exercises. After the joint warm-up, put a timer and jump 45 seconds at an average pace, and then 15 seconds – in a fast. Rest a minute and repeat nine more times.

If you want to burn more calories, learn to double jumps. Here is a good scheme for learning:

  • two single jumps, one double – repeat 10 times;
  • two single, two double – 10 times;
  • two single, three double – 10 times and so on.

If you already know how to perform double, try the famous benchmark Annie. First, do 50 double jumps and body lifts (from the position of lying), then 40, 30, 20 and 10. And all this for a while and without rest breaks.

Also, you can diversify your workouts by adding other exercises with a skipping rope. 50 options for different levels of training you will find in this article.

2. Börp

High-intensity drills with berypi burn from 8 to 14 calories per minute. That is, by making berypi, you can burn 280 kcal for 20 minutes. You can also complicate the exercise by adding jumps to the box, jumping over the neck, pull-ups and other variations.

You can see the performance technique of Bierpi in this article. Here are a few options for training:

  • Downward ladder of bierp for beginners. Perform 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 berpi with rest per minute between the approaches.
  • 100 birr. Perform 100 burpi, rest as needed.
  • Two minutes of burr (for advanced). Set the timer and make as many burrs as possible in two minutes. Take care that the technique does not suffer: touch the chest and hips of the floor, at the top point, detach from the ground.

3. Exercise “Climber”

Take the emphasis lying and alternately bend your knees, as if trying to reach them to the chest. “Climber” is performed quickly, but the pelvis and back are rigidly fixed.

The exercise pumps the press well and the muscles of the hip flexors, and at the expense of intensity, the expenditure of calories increases. Depending on the weight, you can spend from 8 to 12 kcal per minute.

Of course, you will not be able to perform Cliffhanger 10-20 minutes in a row. Instead, combine it with other exercises in interval training. For example, 20 jumps “Cliffhanger”, 10 push-ups (you can from the knees), 20 jumps “Jumping Jack”, 15 air squats. Perform 3-5 circles, rest between circles – 30 seconds.

You can also do “Climber” according to the Tabata protocol: 20 seconds of active execution, 10 seconds of rest. Number of circles – according to state of health.

4. Squats with jumping

Squats without barbells and dumbbells can hardly be called effective exercises. Another thing – squats with jumping. In this exercise, you go to the squat, and go up with a jump. Due to this exercise becomes much more intense, and you spend more calories.

Do three sets of 20-30 times. And yes, you do not have to jump very long before you load your leg muscles well.

How to do exercises without equipment

To exercise with its own weight helped to lose weight, it must be intense and prolonged. Simply put, if you do 20 sit-ups and then rest for five minutes, you, of course, strengthen your muscles, but you will not burn many calories.

Therefore, perform exercises with high intensity, or even better – include them in interval training with a certain amount of rest between the approaches – from 10 seconds to one minute. So you keep a high pulse throughout the entire workout and burn more calories.

In addition, remember that no training will not help you lose weight, if you do not revise your diet. Combine exercises with diet, and you will very soon see the first results.

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