How to buy on “black Friday” and “cyber Monday” and not let yourself be deceived

What is “black Friday” and “cyber Monday”

“Black Friday” is the beginning of pre-Christmas sales in the US and around the world, which follows immediately after Thanksgiving. The season of discounts will last a little more than a month, but the minimum prices and the most generous offers are planned for “black Friday”. In the US on this day, many stores change their work schedule and open at midnight, and in front of the doors of trade outlets, huge queues line up.

In recent years, sales are not only offline, but also online, so it’s no longer necessary to stand in the crowd in the cold.

In 2017, “Black Friday” falls on November 24. But in most Russian shops discounts will begin to operate on November 23 at 19:00 Moscow time.

For those who do not have time to place an order on “Black Friday”, there is “cyber Monday”. This year it falls on November 27. Offline stores on this day of dizzying discounts do not offer, but the Internet site arranges an attraction of unprecedented generosity.

Why “black Friday” and “cyber Monday” is not a divorce

In Russia, a “black Friday” and “cyber Monday” formed a controversial image. Part of this is the fault of unscrupulous sellers, in part – the national aspiration to look for in all the trick. Indeed, why offer real discounts on good products, if you can sell them at regular prices?

The reasons for the sale may be several:

  1. Quickly release shelves and warehouses to fill them with specific goods for the New Year holidays.
  2. Increase revenue. Shops on this day earn due to large volumes of sales and sales of related products.
  3. Get out the winner from the competition. You can spend a huge amount on advertising or offer discounts to customers and form a loyal audience by deed, not by word.

However, this does not mean that during sales it is necessary to trust everyone.

How to cheat on “black Friday” and “cyber Monday”

Discount from overpriced

Sometimes discounts are truly impressive: 70-90% of the original price, as reported by a special advertising plate. In fact, it may turn out that the selling price of the goods is even higher than the usual one. For example, the seller makes a 50 percent discount on the phone for 30,000 rubles, but a week before the “black Friday” gadget was sold for only 13,990 rubles.

Limited offer

The store offers real discounts, but does not say that at a bargain price, it sells only a few copies of the goods. Therefore, you can save only in the first hours after the start of the sale.

Selling illiquid

Sellers can offer a discount at a discount samples from showcases or products that are not very popular among buyers. Such a focus goes well with things that can not be exchanged and returned if they do not have technical problems: gadgets, household appliances and other things.

Discounts on the missing item

You went to the site, deceived by the big discount for the product that is not available. There are chances that you still will not leave the store without buying, which is what the retailer is trying to achieve.

How to prepare for “Black Friday” and “Cyber ​​Monday”

Make a shopping list

Think about what you need to buy, at least approximately. And include both short-term and long-term goals in the list. For example, you do not have a winter down jacket and an electronic book has broken down – it’s logical to include them in the list of necessary ones. Now you should think about the future. For example, you can buy sneakers for the spring and save considerably.

Select stores

Decide on the sites for shopping, so that on the day of sales do not ransack the entire Internet. For example, you need a washing machine, two base t-shirts, a slap for the pool and cat food. Pick up a few stores that have already announced their participation in the “Black Friday”. So at the appointed time, you have to choose from two or three options, not from thousands of options.

Form a budget

Decide how much you are willing to spend. Beforehand transfer this amount to the card that you pay online. And then, just in case, add another 10-15% of this amount: even if your will is as strong as a diamond, you may not be able to resist a particularly favorable offer, so let there be a small reserve of funds in excess of the planned one.

Keep in mind that “black Friday” is followed by “cyber Monday”, so do not lose all the money in the first hours of the sale.

Determine the delivery

In advance, look at the delivery conditions from the selected stores. How and for how much they send the goods. Buy gifts for the New Year, if the delivery is two months, not worth it.

How and where to look for sales

Read newsletters

Stop ceasing to send advertising letters to the spam folder and start reading SMS from stores. It is in the mailings that sellers notify you of the terms of the shares that they have prepared. You can understand in advance whose proposals are the most profitable, and read the reviews.

Find sites with store listings

In Russia there are several “black Friday” sites, on which the Russian participants of the sale are sorted by rubrics. Learn, for example, Real Black Friday, Blackfriday-Russia and BlackFridaySale. Similar sites exist for foreign stores.

Special offers are also written about beneficial offers of the “cyber-Monday”. Among them – cyber-monday.rf and

Use price aggregators

They allow you to drive into the search box the name of the product and find out which store the price is the most profitable. Among them:

  • “Yandex Market”;
  • “Google Shopping”;
  • «[email protected]»;
  • Cheap Ass Gamer (specializes in finding discounts on games).

It should be noted that not all stores fall into the field of view of aggregators.

Track price changes

To make sure that the discount on the sale is real, you need to check how the price changed to “Black Friday” or “Cyber ​​Monday”.


This extension for Chrome, Opera, “Yandex.Browser”, which tracks the change in prices for the things you selected. In Fetchee you can add products from absolutely any store, which makes it useful not only on “Black Friday”.

Fetchee →

Services for

  • Website Camelcamelcamel.
  • Keepa is an extension for Firefox and Chrome to track price trends on

Keepa for Firefox →

Services for AliExpress

  • Extension for most popular browsers Aliexpress Shopping Assistant.

Aliexpress Shopping Assistant for Firefox →

  • AliExpress Radar.
  • AliExpress Advisor.
  • Extension and application AliTools (also show the seller’s rating and tell you whether you should trust him).

How to save even more

Keshbek services

Keshbek-services receive from the shops money for what leads customers, and then share a small percentage of purchases with users. To return some of the costs, you need to log in to the online store through the site or service application.

When choosing an intermediary, pay attention to how many stores he cooperates with and what keshbek offers. In both cases, one principle works: the more, the better.

Promotional codes

With the help of secret combinations of numbers and letters, you can make a discount even more, save on shipping or receive a gift. Promotional codes usually come in dispatches from shops or are published on partner sites. But the easiest way is to find them on aggregator sites.

Which stores are participating in “Black Friday” and “Cyber ​​Monday”

  • Lamoda;
  • La Redoute;
  • eBay;
  • GearBest;
  • “Connected”;
  • AliExpress;
  • Citylink;
  • iHerb;
  • WildBerries;
  • Sportmaster;