How to distinguish original branded sneakers from fakes

If you are looking for branded sneakers in Chinese online stores or are going to buy a new outfit on Avito, you risk paying money for a substandard fake. Therefore, before paying, carefully consider the sneakers and their packaging.

Box and sticker

Most boxes with fake sneakers are rumpled or torn. The fact is that the cardboard from which the packaging is made is thinner and cheaper.

Also pay attention to the sticker with the size and product number. If it is crooked, there are errors in words, most likely, you are dealing with a fake.

Item and lot numbers

Many well-known brands assign unique products to products that do not repeat on other products. Also on the dimensional labels of the goods the batch number is indicated. It must match the same number on the box and label.

Here is an example with the number on the label. On the first photo – sneakers with Avito, on the second – from the official website of Reebok. The numbers on the label and in the description of the goods are the same (BD2659), which means that the sneakers are real.


Counterfeits often have unusual colors and prints that have never been issued by a real brand. Here, for example, Adidas Neo VL Court with AliExpress. White sneakers with colored stripes are not on the official website of the brand.

In addition, AliExpress has gray sneakers with white stripes, whereas on the official website of Adidas, stripes on gray sneakers are dark gray.

Therefore, if the sneakers surprised you with their color or pattern, be sure to check whether such a model was produced. You can search on the Internet or take pictures of sneakers and throw in a group in the social network, dedicated to the brand’s products.

Dimensional mesh of rare sneakers

There are brand models, produced in limited quantities. If in any online store you see the presence of all sizes, including intermediate, most likely, it’s fake sneakers.

Materials and features

Here are a few items to check:

1. The stitching. For some fake sneakers, the line may be uneven or even run off the edge.

2. Materials. Check if the materials match the manufacturer’s website. For example, if the description of the top sneakers should be made of natural suede or soft leather, and those that you hold in your hands, the materials are clearly artificial, it is worth considering. Also pay attention to the corners: the manufacturers of fakes like to smooth the corners of the inserts in order to save materials.

3. Details. Check if the logos are in place, they are not crookedly placed. Here, for example, women’s sneakers with AliExpress with a mirror inscription Cloudfoam on the sole. In addition, they also have a strange coloring, as we discussed above.

4. The smell. Since counterfeit sneakers are often made of not very high-quality materials, a sharp smell can be a good sign of a fake.

5. Year of manufacture on the tongue. Forged sneakers on the tongue often indicate the wrong year of release. For example, the label reports that sneakers were released in 2008, but in fact the company developed them only in 2010.


If the real sneakers cost about 13 thousand rubles, and you are offered to buy them for three thousand, it is worthwhile to be on the alert. Sometimes on the websites they strike out the real price, supposedly offering a superb discount. But even in case of a sale, the price can not be so different. So before you buy, carefully check all the items listed above.

That’s all. If you ever bought fake sneakers, share the experience in the comments: how they differed from the real ones and how you eventually realized that it was counterfeit.