How to make a fashionable manicure: autumn-winter trends 2017/2018

Length and shape

Long nails finally give up position. Medium and short come out on the proscenium. So practical and simpler.

The shape is an amygdala or soft square. The more natural, the better.


The colder in the street, the richer the range of clothes and manicure. Moreover, deep colors visually extend the nail plate.

Most relevant in the autumn-winter season 2017/2018:

  1. “Grenadine” is not only syrup, but also the same “viscous” red color.
  2. “Port” – a rich bordeaux with an obvious purple sub-tone.
  3. “Sea Peony” – a dark blue shade, as a form of the naval command.
  4. “Neutral gray” – a calm tone, reminiscent of dry asphalt.
  5. “Shaded fir-tree” is dark green, but not marshy, but with notes of emerald and turquoise.
  6. “Golden lime” – a shade at the junction of an energetic yellow and refreshing salad.

Fashion manicure of autumn-winter 2017/2018

To add brightness to the manicure will help intensive light blue (the designers dubbed it “marina”) and dusty orange (“autumn maple”), and their combination will add to the image of audacity.

If you prefer more delicate colors, then choose a lilac-pink (“ballet slipper”) or light beige with a cane sugar cane (“oil”). They perfectly match almost all the fashionable shades of the season.


The general trend of nail art is simplicity, elegance, clarity and courage. It is embodied mainly in the following design solutions.


In this style are still popular nails, painted with lacquers in the tone of the skin. But even more relevant is a manicure without coverage. As an option – with one painted nail.

Boldly? Still would! But nails without varnish does not mean neuhozhennye. On the contrary, the cuticle and nail plate should be in perfect condition. No burrs and gnawed edges. Only neat lines and healthy radiance.


Geometric prints, both on all nails, and on one or two, do not go out of fashion in the autumn-winter season. However, the figures should be chosen carefully: circles and squares visually shorten, and therefore not suitable for topical nails of short length.

Create on the nails of straight lines and angles easiest with the help of stencils, special tape and stamping.

Also one of the simplest variants of geometric design is the Chevron manicure. Apply a base color to the nails, then glue on one or a couple of stencils and paint them with a contrasting shade.

Lunar manicure

This simple in performance and very elegant in appearance the technique is again in vogue. Perhaps, because it is perfectly combined with almond shaped nails.

Lunar manicure, or inverted french, means a contrasting crescent not at the tip, but at the base of the nail. And in this season, the “smile” is taken to be displaced almost to the middle of the nail plate, and the line itself need not be sharply rounded.

Designs with negative space are also relevant, when part of the nail remains unpainted or is covered with colorless varnish. A great solution is the moon manicure with negative space.

Metal and fur

Neil-art absorbs fashion trends from the catwalks, and there during the autumn-winter shows velvet, artificial fur, large knitting and fabrics simulating metal dominated. Therefore, to embody all these textures on the nails is absolutely the right decision.

You can achieve metal shine in various ways. Five options for creating a metallic manicure at home are demonstrated in the following clip.

In winter, designs with a flock will be appropriate. This is a special powder, which creates a velvety effect on the nails. Flocking connects at once two fashionable tendencies: volume and softness of woolen and fur textures.

Manicure with velvet powder can be done at home, but it’s better to contact specialists, since you are unlikely to draw yourself (really on your right hand for sure) so trendy in this season volumetric twigs.

The replacement of flocking can be matte coatings: their rough surface is also similar to velvet.

Floral patterns

Another trend of fashion shows autumn-winter 2017-2018 – embroidery. In this regard, floral prints on the nails, too, will come in handy. The main rule: the drawing should be discreet and evenly distributed throughout the nail.

You can also decorate your nails with gradients in fashionable colors of the season and patterns from kamifubukov (the same geometry, only a dotted one).

Now you are aware of the fashion trends in nail design. Write in the comments what style or technique you prefer.

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