How to put the password on a folder in Windows or macOS

How to put a password on a folder in Windows

In Windows, there are no built-in functions for this task. But you can use free programs from third-party developers. Consider, for example, the 7-Zip archiver and the Anvide Seal Folder utility.

Using 7-Zip

7-Zip archives a folder, encrypts its contents and blocks access to it with a password. Surely you already use this program. If not, download 7-Zip from the official site. If you prefer another archiver, then most likely with his help you can put the password on the folder in the same way.

How to put a password on a folder in Windows: 7-Zip

After installing the archiver, right-click on the desired folder and select 7-Zip → “Add to archive”.

In the appeared window, under the “Encryption” item, enter the password and repeat the combination. Check “Encrypt file names” and click OK.

After that, the program will create a copy of the folder in the form of an encrypted archive, the contents of which can be viewed only after entering the password. The original folder that was left without protection, delete.

In the same way, 7-Zip allows you to password protect any selected file.

7-Zip →

With the help of Anvide Seal Folder

If you do not want to bother with the archive, you can set the password directly to the folder using the program Anvide Seal Folder. This utility encrypts the contents of the selected folders and hides them from prying eyes. Protected containers can be opened only through the Anvide Seal Folder interface after entering the password.

How to put a password on a folder in Windows: Anvide Seal Folder

The program is very easy to use. Clicking on the plus button, you can choose the path to the desired folder or to several containers in turn. After that, the list of added folders will appear in the main menu of Anvide Seal Folder. To put a password on one or more of them, just select them, click on the lock and follow the prompts of the utility. You can also set a password for entering the Anvide Seal Folder.

Anvide Seal Folder →

How to put the password on a folder in macOS

In macOS, you can do without third-party programs. The system allows you to create a so-called folder image, which is its encrypted copy. All files that are stored inside this image are protected by a password.

To create such an image, open the “Disk Utility” (“Programs” → “Utilities” → “Disk Utility”).

Click “File” → “New Image” → “Image from folder” and specify the path to the folder that you want to protect.

Enter the name of the image and specify the location on the computer where you will store it, as well as the password for accessing its contents. For encryption, select 128 or 256 bits, and in the “Image format” – “read / write”. After you save the changes.

How to put the password on a folder in macOS

Open the created image, enter the password and make sure that all the files are in place.

Delete the original folder. Now you can use it in a protected way instead.

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