How to restore a flash drive

– 1 –

First, take basic steps to exclude typical problems on the computer side. Connect the device via another USB port. It does not help – restart the computer.

– 2 –

If the system does not respond at all to connecting the USB flash drive, first read how to make the computer see the USB device.

– 3 –

Check the drive for programs that may interfere with its correct operation, using an antivirus.

Following further instructions, you can restore only the performance of the flash drive, but not the information on it. If the USB device does not store important data, then safely proceed.

Otherwise, first try to restore the information using special programs. And only then follow the steps listed below to repair the drive itself.

– 4 –

Correctly format the USB device.

– 5 –

Use the program to repair the flash drive from the manufacturer. Such tools are in Transcend, PQI, ADATA and other developers of USB-drives. You just need to go to the official website of the manufacturer, find the right software there, download it to the computer and use it according to the attached instructions.

– 6 –

If the developer of your drive does not provide support software or it does not help, use a third-party flash drive repair program. Such a utility you are unlikely to find for macOS, this option is designed for Windows users.

This method can both help and damage the drive. If you are not sure, do not take risks.

The essence of the method is as follows: you need to know the parameters VID and PID of your drive, find a compatible with the flash drive program and use it to restore.

To find out the VID and PID, connect the drive to the computer, install the ChipGenius program and run it. In the program window click on the name of the drive – below you will see the values ​​of the necessary parameters.

How to restore a USB flash drive using ChipGenius

To find a suitable utility for VID and PID, copy their values ​​into the appropriate fields on and click on the Search button. If the data about the model of your flash drive is in the directory, then among the search results along with its drive you will see a link to download the program for its repair.

If instead of the link the site displays only the name of the utility, you can find it by searching on the same site or through Google.

How to restore a flash drive using

– 7 –

If none of the above does not help and the drive refuses to work on other computers, then try to return it under warranty or contact the service center for assistance.