How to take the most convenient place in an airplane

Which places on the plane are the best

Emergency exit locations

In front of the seats, emergency exits usually have plenty of legroom. These places have only one drawback: it is almost impossible to choose them with online registration. You must be seated by an airline employee when you check in at the airport. This is done so that the emergency exits are occupied by passengers who, in an emergency, can open the hatches and help with evacuation.

Much more likely to get these profitable places if you or your companion is a physically strong man.

Seats in front of the salon

In front of these chairs often also leave an increased space for the feet. Of the additional bonuses: food starts to carry away from the nose of the aircraft, so you can choose dishes from the whole range, and not from what’s left.

But there are nuances. Many airlines leave the first row for mothers with children, since here you can install a cradle for a baby. So, even if you find yourself in the coveted place, there is a risk of being surrounded by crying children.

Places by the windows

From these chairs you can look in the window, read under natural light, take pictures of clouds (if the airline permits shooting on board). Restless neighbors will not squeeze past. And you can sleep, not only leaning back in the chair, but also clinging to the wall.

Which places on the plane are the worst

Places before emergency exit

As a rule, the armchairs here are not laid out so that the backs do not block the road in the event of an ES. In this case, the row in front of the chair is fully functional. Therefore, the risk of flying is great, with your nose and knees buried in the back of the neighbor in the front.

Places in the last row

These chairs are also not laid out, because behind them is a wall. By the minuses, you can add and the fact that the trolley cabin attendants with food and drinks reaches the passengers of the last row pretty empty. There will be no choice, I’ll have to give something.

Locations for toilets

The flow of passengers aspiring to the latrine, and the sound of the doors that open and close will not let them sleep.

How to get a convenient place


When registering for low-cost flights and non-refundable tickets, the place is automatically assigned. As a rule, these are uncomfortable chairs. But airlines offer to choose a place for a fee: the more comfortable it is, the more expensive. In the “Victory” the change of the chair will cost 149-999 rubles, the S7 – 300-1000 rubles, the UTair – 1,500 rubles. Since the service is provided on a commercial basis, the best places are clearly indicated on the interior layouts.

Choose a place in advance and point it at registration

The location of the seats in the cabin depends not only on the model of the aircraft, but also on the airline. For example, on the boards that perform charter flights, the maximum possible number of seats is most often established. Hence, the distance between them is reduced to a minimum.

To understand where in the plane emergency exits, toilets, how many in the cabin of the ranks and which of them last, read the reviews. On the site SeatGuru you can enter the model of the aircraft, the flight number and get the layout of the cabin. The layout of seats in the salons are available and on the websites of airlines.

Use this knowledge when registering online or at the airport. For example, the best places of economy class in the Boeing 737-800 aircraft from Aeroflot are in the sixth (the first economy class) and the thirteenth (at the emergency exit) ranks. But the twelfth row is not the best choice: although the legroom is enlarged, the chairs probably do not recline.

The best places in the plane Boeing 737-800

Choose the least loaded flight and change

The least willing to fly is dialed for flights on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday in the middle of the day. You can register for any place, and then change to a convenient one. It is better to first ask the stewardess whether this is allowed. Airlines that offer a change of seat for an additional fee, do not welcome such amateur performance.

Keep in mind that on the eve of the holidays, any flight will be loaded.

Register as one of the last

Option for those who are flying a loukoster, but do not want to pay for a seat. The system automatically places you on uncomfortable chairs. Passengers choose the most convenient for money. By the end of the registration there are free places of average comfort, one of which you can take for free. But strongly postpone registration is also not necessary: ​​with overbooking, you simply will not be put on a plane.

And what are the tricks for choosing the best places in the plane you know?

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