The most fashionable women’s haircuts of 2018: 13 cool and practical ideas


Judging by the abundance of celebrities who have already tried the bean on their own hair, this haircut threatens the title of the most popular hairstyle of the coming spring-summer season. Spectacular and stylish, it is capable of giving freshness to almost any image. Well, to get into the desired image was the most accurate, pick up the bean from the hottest options of the season.

Extended Bob

Careless curls soften sharp or massive features and create an ideal oval, so that the extended bob fits girls with any shape of face. This is almost a win-win option for those who wanted to try something new, but was afraid of unnecessarily cardinal changes in appearance.

Nuance: in the variation of 2018, it’s better to replace a straight part with a playful side part.

The most fashionable haircuts of 2018: The extended bean
Miranda Kerr / Mila Kunis / Victoria Beckham

Short bean

A shorter version of the popular haircut in 2018 is also on the wave. This hairstyle is the widest field for experiments: hair can be curled, carelessly twisted, straightened, laid at least on a straight part, though on one side. Whatever you do, you will not be mistaken.

The most fashionable haircuts of 2018: Short bean
Rihanna / Diane Kruger / Olivia Wilde

Smooth asymmetrical bean

Asymmetric bob continues to gain popularity. Its distinctive features – the geometric shape and neat, hair to the hair, styling. Plus this haircut – its versatility: it will suit any type of face, hair and for any age.

The most fashionable haircuts of 2018: Smooth asymmetrical bean
Paris Hilton / Charlize Theron / unknown model

Bulk bean

This hairdress is not for nothing chosen by girls with forms: visually it makes the image more airy, light and youthful.

The most fashionable haircuts of 2018: Volumetric bean
Lily Cole / Kelly Osbourne / Katy Perry


Find it easily: if the temples and neck are short, and in front and on the temechke long, you have a pixie. This simple and stylish haircut remains feshen trend for several seasons and is not going to give up the position. In the season-2018 in special honor the following options.

Pixie with a ragged bang

Fillet asymmetric bang gives a fairly strict image, created by pixies, a little playfulness and even hooliganism.

The most fashionable hairstyles of 2018: Pixie with a ragged bang
Miley Cyrus / model with the display of Tom Ford / Holly Berry

Ultra short Pixie

A practical hairstyle for the brave. Or those who decided to give hair a break. The ultra-short pixy perfectly does without stacking means and does not involve long drying with a hair dryer. However, and a strict smooth styling to her also goes.

The most fashionable hairstyles of 2018: The ultra-short pixie
Natalie Portman / Emma Watson / Anne Hathaway

Extended tousled pixie

Freedom, ease, negligence, comfort – these qualities are now in the trend, and the extended pixie will accentuate them. Plus this hair – with it you can easily do without stacking. And she makes the image more youthful.

The most fashionable hairstyles of 2018: Extended ruffled pixie
Sienna Miller / Katie Holmes / Julianne Haf

Pixie in the style of the Iroquois

Do not hide your own courage and originality. If you adhere to this view, then the pixy with the mohawk is the option for you. This stylish and partly provocative hairstyle allows a game with color. And if necessary, it’s easy to put it into something classical, strict and smooth.

The most fashionable haircuts of 2018: Pixie in the style of the Iroquois
Pink / Kelly Osbourne / Rihanna


Option for lovers of romance: multi-layered haircut gives hair volume and makes the hair look like a magnificent mop of hair Disney princess. In 2018, stylists recommend adding a few waves to this haircut to make it more modern. The cascade looks good …

… on medium length hair

The most fashionable hairstyles of 2018: Cascade on the hair of medium length
Emma Stone / Rachel McAdams / Taylor Swift

… and on long

The most fashionable haircuts of 2018: Cascade on long hair
Kate Middleton / Jennifer Lopez / Gigi Hadid

Ultra short haircut

No more than a couple of centimeters long! Ultra-short haircut “under the boy” some people do not seem quite feminine, but it has other pluses. The main thing is simplicity in the care: the hair is almost not necessary to be laid and dried with a hairdryer, which means that it is possible to do without foams, gels, varnishes and other cosmetic products. This makes the ultrashort haircut the most successful option for girls with weakened hair, needing respite between painting or curling.

The most fashionable haircuts of 2018: Ultra-short haircut
Jesse Jay / Keith Hudson / Ruth Bell

And the bonus: bangs and curls

Regardless of which haircut you choose (except perhaps ultrashort), you can make it fashionable and relevant, adding any of the two hot trends-2018.

Long french bangs

A magical option for those who want to refresh and update the image, without changing the usual length of hair. These strands look good with hair of any length and shape, giving the image of youth and easy recklessness.

The most fashionable haircuts of 2018: Long french fir
Jennifer Garner / Rihanna / Jessica Biel


Owners of the nature of wavy hair immediately postpone the ironing: curls in 2018 at the height of fashion! Though small demon, even large romantic locks, though on short hair, even on long ones. With curls in the new season, even those who we are accustomed to seeing with luxurious smooth styling are experimenting with. This is a simple way to radically change the image without changing the length of the hair and with the ability to play back at any moment.

The most fashionable haircuts of 2018: Curry
Mila Kunis / Taylor Swift / Julia Garner