5 Best Mail Applications on Mac

1. Spark

Best e-mail clients for Mac: Spark

  • Price: is free.
  • Service support: iCloud, Gmail, Outlook, Exchange, Yahoo !, IMAP.
  • Integration: Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Pocket, Evernote, OneNote.
  • Mobile version: iOS, Apple Watch.

Honoredly popular mail client, which began with the iOS-version. Spark meets all modern trends: minimalist design, simplified interface, automation of routine actions, support for Touch Bar. The application saves you time, independently sorting mail, allows you to configure quick actions and has integration with all popular services. Thanks to the availability of versions for the iPhone and iPad, the mail is synchronized and is available immediately on all your devices.

Website of Spark →

2. Airmail

The best e-mail clients for Mac: Airmail

The postal client with a rich history, constantly evolving and gathered an entire army of admirers. Airmail boasts rich functionality and fine-tuning capabilities. In terms of the number of supported services and integration with third-party services, it is not inferior to Spark. Interaction with messages is implemented at a high level: you can put them off, turn them into calendar events or tasks. A powerful mobile version works on iPhone, iPad, and also supports Apple Watch.

Airmail site →

3. Polymail

Mail client for Mac Polymail

One of the representatives of ambitious newcomers, who is surprised by the pleasant design and exclusive functions. Polymail can do everything the same as competitors, and also has a pair of trump cards in the sleeve. The main feature of the application is the Activity Feed tab, which tracks the delivery and opening of messages, as well as notifying about the loading of attachments and other activities, which is very convenient when working with colleagues.

In Polymail there is a premium subscription that opens additional functions like delayed sending of letters, fast templates and the mentioned Activity Feed.

Polymail Website →

4. Canary Mail

Mail client for Mac Canary Mail

Another newcomer with big ambitions, which is a concept similar to the canonical Mailbox, and the appearance – Airmail. Work in Canary Mail is organized through universal inbox, customizable gestures and smart filters. Messages can be postponed, track the status of their reading. There is a convenient attachment browser and even a quick insertion of a hypho with Giphy.

Website of Canary Mail →

5. Mail

Mail client for Mac Mail

And, of course, do not forget about the built-in email client that Apple has supplied with macOS. Mail, though devoid of hipster design and chips, still fully meets the requirements of the average user. The standard client also has customizable gestures, filters, and smart folders. And Mail can boast of the function of sorting letters by rules and local storage of data.

Your choice

And what application do you use to work with mail? Vote for your favorite client and tell in the comments why you chose it!