MacClean 3 – free analog CleanMyMac with protection against malicious software

Like the previous version, MacClean 3 performs a number of tasks to keep your Mac in great shape: cleans system garbage, deletes temporary files, browser data, optimizes the photo library and much more. Thanks to the updated design and the new interface, making it all much easier. Almost all actions are performed in one click.

MacClean 3

Of the new features of the cleaner, attention is drawn to the search for malicious cookies, the protection of private data, and a mini-antivirus that searches for installed applications and downloads of modified files that can harm. OS X has a reputation not subject to any viruses, so the question arises: why is all this necessary?

MacClean 3: program features

With the help of malicious cookies, unscrupulous sites collect data about your activity, and attackers can get passwords and take control of your computer. MacClean finds such cookies and deletes them.

As for private data, they include information about recently used applications, documents, files and folders, the history of iMessage and FaceTime (even remote). If you do not want anyone to know what you do on your Mac, then this function is for you. Like others, it also works in one click.

MacClean 3: privacy protection

Scanning for potentially dangerous files will find all threats and put them in quarantine. Here they will not cause harm and they will be easily removed. To keep the database up to date, you can update it from the item of the same name.

However, all the anti-malware and file protection features are just a nice addition to MacClean. Its main purpose is to clean up the debris and optimize the system. For the average user, this is an opportunity to clear some precious gigabytes on the disk and get rid of the brakes. For those who consider themselves to be more advanced, the utility will help to make revision of old files, find duplicates, safely erase data and correctly remove applications.

MacClean 3: garbage collection and system optimization

Of course, speaking of MacClean, you can not compare it with your closest competitor – the recognized leader among the optimizers of the CleanMyMac system. Both applications perform similar functions and, by and large, do it almost identically. Yes, MacClean does not have such a sleek design and level as a whole, but it does not cost $ 40. At least because of this MacClean already deserves attention. Do you agree?

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