30 Questions to Yourself

Stephen Aitchison assumes that he knows the secret parts of the right question. He created a list of 30 questions, which, in his opinion, every person should ask himself.

I’ve shortened the list of questions a little. Initially it consisted of 34 items. So if you are interested in the full version – check the blog for the author. I do not know why it is 34, but Steven leaves space for the creativity of his readers and proposes to supplement the list he compiled.

5 components of the right question

  1. He must strive for the result.
  2. It should be simple and clear.
  3. It must open up new opportunities.
  4. It should make you think.
  5. It must give impetus to action.

Your questions

1. What can I do today in order to achieve my goals?

2. At what time is the most productive?

3. What can I do today to pamper myself?

4. For what 5 things can I be grateful in my life?

5. What can I do today to change someone’s life?

6. What is the best feature of my character?

7. What do I really want to do in life?

8. Do I really want these people (listed) to be present in my life?

9. What can I do to save a small amount every day?

10. How much do I watch TV during the day?

eleven. Do I really need all these things?

12. When was the last time I read a good book?

13. When was the last time I said “No”?

14. Does it really matter what other people think of me?

15. What do I want to achieve this year?

16. What is the next “great goal” that I want to achieve?

17. What can I do to feel happy?

18. When was the last time I violated the boundaries of my comfort zone?

19. What are my life values?

20. What steps should I take today to move forward to meet my plan?

21. How should my ideal day look: from the moment of awakening to the time of going to bed?

22. What good habits would I like to instill in myself?

23. How can I get rid of bad habits?

24. Who inspires me the most?

25. What qualities are inherent in people I admire?

26. My dreams will remain just dreams, or can I make them real?

27. What would have happened if I had let go ______?

28. What do I really like about my work?

29. What would I have done differently if I had the opportunity to once again live this moment?

thirty. What will I do after I have read these questions?

The questions are really simple and clear. And if you answer them truly truly, you can see from the picture of your life. The procedure may not be very pleasant, and the picture opened to your eyes is not very bright. But in fact, in order to change everything for the better, we ask ourselves the main questions.

And what would you add to this list? What question and answer to it were turning points in your life?