5 Effective Ways to Strengthen Self-Discipline

It has long been known that you can not go far enough to motivate yourself. In addition to the desire to start doing something, discipline is necessary to develop these undertakings. Below are simple but effective ways to strengthen self-discipline in 21 days.

Start Watching Yourself

For 21 days, watch yourself: what do you do, how you stand, how you talk, what you are distracting, how you go and dress. Control yourself completely. Do not pick anywhere, watch your posture, position of hands and feet. Mark the moments when you start to blossom. Even when you are alone, be prepared.

It does not matter where you are: in the country, at work or in the gym, – you should look 100 percent and radiate positive and confident. Create your style based on comfort, stick to it.

The more you think about personal charm, the more you will have it. Imagine that every day you are under the camera’s sight and you do not have to look bad, you need to be all the time at the height, then not blush in front of the audience.

Learn to control yourself will help a simple exercise for every day – the marines stand. You come to the wall, press against her with heels, buttocks, shoulder blades, back of the head and elbows. In this position, you must stand at least 10 minutes daily. In a few days you will notice that the back begins to straighten.

This small complex helps to develop self-discipline, as you accustom yourself to control your behavior and not be slack. Remember, this is what you do for yourself, not for others.

Think of a morning ritual

Our productivity and focus entirely depend on how we get up in the morning. You can hardly get out from under the blanket after the signal of the eighth alarm clock and think only about how to quickly return to bed at the end of the day. You can get up just before you leave the house, fussing around, stuffing yourself into some sandwich, and jumping out into the street, not understanding what’s going on around and in your head. But it is best to prepare yourself beforehand for awakening, to feel your biorhythm and the breath of a new day.

You have to come up with a morning ritual that will set you up for the start of a new day.

Here is a simple option: a rise on the first alarm clock, charging with a little physical exertion, a contrast shower, a healthy breakfast, reading. It takes about an hour for everything. And 21 days is enough to make it a habit.

It does not matter what ritual you come up with. The main thing is that you should not abandon it on weekends or holidays.

You yourself will not notice how you will become more effective, more collected, more disciplined. In time, you will start doing morning things automatically, they will become an integral part of your life.

And by the way, do not forget about sleep. To get enough sleep, you need 7-8 hours.

Become an ascetic

To begin with, you will have to choose from which you will refuse for 21 days (ideally). Do not eat your favorite dish for at least a week, or better – all three. A very good exercise is to put the treat in a prominent place and during the day, never touch it.

You can put taboos on movies, sex, social networks, conversations, alcohol, games. The main thing is to learn to deny yourself.

Man must be able to control himself, otherwise everything else will control him. It is necessary to do what is planned, regardless of emotions.

But the most serious test is to be in social isolation for three weeks, not to communicate with people, except at work or in a narrow family circle. Do not go to visit, to the movies, to the events, to the shops. Stay alone with yourself for three weeks, and you will notice how well this will affect your productivity.

Set yourself difficult tasks

Choose one really challenging task per week and perform each one no matter what. Weather, circumstances, mood do not matter.

Do 50 push-ups per day? Go to 80, 90 or even 100 – there is no limit. Write one article for a couple of days? Write two. Spend a lot of money? Do not waste even a few days at all. Is it weak?

If you did not calculate the forces and chose a task that you simply can not handle, imagine that this is an order, as in a war! You must fulfill it, there is no other way.

Do not have time for the day? Postpone other things until you have done everything you need.

This task is difficult, because you can not fail to be yourself in any way. When you do it, you will be overwhelmed with energy and confidence that you much – if not all – on the shoulder. After all, all the restrictions are only in your head.

Focus on the result

This exercise is similar to the previous one, but here you choose the goal, draw up a plan and calculate the time and resources necessary to carry out the plan.

Try to achieve something in 21 days: create a website, write a chapter of the book, drop 3 kilograms, finish a big project … Almost immediately you will understand that people, circumstances, mood, entertainment, the Internet and many other things keep you from meeting the deadlines. But do not despair.

You must focus on your goal, see it at the end of the road, think about it, and not about distractions.

Use reminders on your smartphone or computer to remember what you should do to achieve results.

Do not start from existing opportunities: you, like most people, will never believe in yourself and will not start moving towards success. Look to the future, pull it.

Remember that the formation of habits takes time and effort, but then they will lead you to your dream through any obstacles.