How to Read More: A Guide for Book Lovers

Recently I ascertained for myself a very sad fact – I do not have time to read. That is, I, of course, read a lot throughout the day, but mostly these are articles that deal with work and almost nothing “for the soul.” I even read books recently only those that somehow concern work. And before I swallowed the literature on very different topics (ranging from fantasy and ending with classics) in fairly large quantities. And this was not a quick reading, but full and thoughtful. Now, in order to read books that I just like, I need to learn how to stretch the day for another couple of hours and the only pleasure reading is reading stories about Bear Bear Paddington and his son at night. Immediately I will say that this article is not about exercises for speed reading, but rather an article on how to properly treat this process and not spoil all of the magic. Leo Babauta, as always, looks at the root 🙂

1. Do not read the book, because you must, read in pleasure to yourself.
Sometimes it is necessary to read books because it is necessary for work – such reading does not count. Unless you find this book very exciting. But this, unfortunately, happens rarely. The same goes for fashion books (work this or entertainment – anyway). That is, all your friends read and respond to the book only positively. And you read, because-that’s fashionable, the book does not go, you continue to choke and read. And this is fraught with indigestion!

I was lucky – I read Haruki Murakami “What I say when I talk about running”. I need this book for work, and I like it very much (yes, I like the style of Murakami and his intricate philosophical books).

2. Cut the time for reading. Now few people can find enough time to read books. That is, we read a huge number of articles and literature that relate to our activities, but due to overwork, constant multitasking, hanging up on the Internet and behind the series, we do not have free time for personal reading. Give up one series of the next series, which can not see the end. Now there are a lot of electronic readers and you can read in transport (if you managed to sit down in the rush hour). In the end, reading in the toilet was not canceled and it’s better to take the book than to hang on Twitter or social network on the smartphone.

3. If you are reading, do not be distracted by other actions. That’s what good e-reader (the same Kindle), unlike the tablets, is the absence of distractions! I can tell from my own experience that reading the book from the tablet, my hands are constantly reaching out to check mail, Twitter and messages in FB. And the electronic reader completely frees you from such temptations, not to mention the good old paper book. It remains only to find a quiet cozy place and read, read, read …

4. Love reading on the present. Reading is magic. Reading books with real enthusiasm, you discover a lot of new things. Sometimes even in a book that you re-read at intervals every few years and wiped it to holes, you still discover something new every time! Reading changes you, inspires you with unexpected deeds and opens up opportunities for new interesting ideas.

5. Make reading social. Find friends who enjoy reading books just like you. Open your book club, even if not real, and virtual – there are many social networks of reading fans. Reading is not only a single sport, it can also be a team sport.

6. Make reading a good habit. On the inculcation of positive habits was written more than one article (I’d rather not talk about books). Reading is a very good habit, and it can be planted, at least from 10 minutes a day. Find something that inspires and motivates you, and stick to the main line. Where there are 10 minutes, there will be 20, and possibly more.

7. Do not read as if reading is your homework. Reading should not be the next item in your Important Affairs List. You read not for a tick (that’s what I read), you read in order to make your life more intense and interesting!

8. Discard the book if it is tedious. You should read not because it is good and useful, but because you get pleasure from this process. Reading is not taking vitamins: it’s sour, but it’s useful! Reading is fun and entertainment. If in the process of reading the book you do not feel either, postpone it and start reading something more interesting. Perhaps this book is not yet time, and it’s worth trying to read it later.

9. Discover amazing books. Share your impressions and books with friends who also like to read, read reviews and reviews, go at least occasionally to offline bookstores, secondhand bookshops and libraries. Sometimes in such places you can find many interesting books that you will not see in the electronic version. Maybe it’s old-fashioned, but I really like paper books! The smell of a new paper, the smell of old books, the sound of leafing through pages – this has its magic. And I’m very glad that I have a little child with whom we read real paper books with beautiful pictures and from which still smells of magic, and not of electronics.

10. Do not worry about the speed of reading. How strange it would be not to read this advice in a blog that specializes in optimizing all processes, but reading is not a contest. The most important thing that you get is fun, do not forget about it! You do not miss your favorite melody from the middle, in order to have time to listen to more songs, or do not eat your favorite dish for a couple of desks? You enjoy both. The same goes for reading: read slowly, tastefully, savoring each paragraph.

And how do you read? Do you have any favorite books that are read over and over again?