How to add album covers to music file tags

Once upon a time, when the trees were big, and the music was vinyl, the covers of the records were an integral part of the musicians’ work. Now the album of your favorite band has turned into a bunch of computer files, and the cover is just a picture somewhere in the corner of your music player. Nevertheless, I always try to ensure that the tags of audio files contain full information, including the image of the album.


Some audio players can download the cover from online sources, but not all can independently register the image in tags and at the same time process the whole collection. Free open source software Automatic Cover Tool can solve this task in automatic mode. The application is written in Java and serves to save album artwork in the tag of audio files, as well as creating a file folder.jpg to display the obozhki in Explorer. The application is distributed as an archive and does not require installation.

2010-11-04 18h10_18

The work of the program is quite understandable from the screenshot. It is enough to specify the folder of your music collection and click the Start button, after which the utility will take to work. A few options allow you to customize the behavior of the program – you can save the image in the album folder, in the file tags or both. Another option allows you to flash already existing images into the file tags.

The advantages of the program include high speed processing of files. However, not all music albums are correctly identified, which can be attributed to minuses.

Download Automatic Cover Tool