40 ways to work productively anywhere

I came to work at 10:00, not at 8:00, because until 10:00 still no one does anything, but only tea is drunk. And I can not drink so much tea.

No office, no dress code. You sit, for example, in a cafe, on the beach or in the kitchen of your own apartment and … you work. For those who do not like the closed spaces of offices, it’s just a godsend. And it is unlikely that any of the office clerks would refuse such a chance – to carry out assignments at a time and in the place that he chooses himself. However, you can always find both positive aspects in such situations, and negative ones. It is necessary to have an impeccable self-organization, so as not to succumb to the temptation of “doing nothing”. And especially, if the situation has this.

Personally, I spend most of my time traveling and know firsthand what it’s like to solve several issues at once, to plan for the day so that every minute turns out to be worth its weight in gold. In addition to the core business, I give a lot of power to Revolverlab.com. And even here I can solve important business issues, being hundreds of kilometers from the office where my startup is located.

How to motivate yourself to work in the office

On the one hand, an office employee can easily schedule his day, clearly planning and distributing the work for the whole day. And on the other hand, it seems that a lot of time and even the most responsible clerk is not easy to organize it competently. And what to do, it is asked? And here’s what …

1. Make a work plan for the day

When you come to work, you do not need to open the browser immediately and check your e-mail. Keep this impulse at least in the first hour. As a rule, it is in the morning that there are no meetings, urgent matters and even conversations in the smoking room. And most people try to relax by flipping letters or by removing spam. Spend the first 40 minutes on making a plan for the whole day. If you do not, then I can say with 100% confidence – you’ll sit for three hours, just flipping through the mail and answering letters.

2. Solve similar tasks together

For example, you can choose the time for calls, and do them one by one. Scroll one hour to check mail or social networks. Then do not return to them all day long.

3. Do not set the clock to winter

Do you think I’m joking? No way! I get up an hour before the rest of the people, and this is the hour I can call the most productive for the whole day. Because all distractions are still asleep.

4. Do not spray

This is incredibly difficult, but try to choose for one working day only three important tasks. And throw all your forces to their decision in due time. It is necessary to do short breaks between them to give your brain a break.

5. Be punctual

If you value your time, you simply have to appreciate the time of the people around you. You can not even imagine how much I sometimes spend time on latecomers to tell them at the meeting what happened in those five minutes of their absence. And then it turns out that there are those who are already late for 10 minutes … For many of us, such a waste of time is an unacceptable luxury.

6. In the last hour of work, avoid complex tasks

Allow yourself to relax and, for example, fix the documentation while listening to your favorite music. Relieving stress is sometimes very useful.

7. Do not turn on the Internet without the need

If you can not control yourself, use special applications that will simply throw you out of the network. It is not difficult to find such services in the network.

8. Know how to say “No!”

Say “no” to depression, distraction, sloth, entertainment. And especially colleagues who do not shy away from the opportunity to shift their responsibilities to your shoulders. Try not to make promises, knowing at the same time that you will not be able to meet deadlines. It is better not to get down to business at all, than to restore a spoiled reputation.

9. Solve complex problems first

Complex and unpleasant tasks should be done immediately, without delay and postponing for later. Otherwise, the level of motivation can very quickly come to naught. And the problem will still hang over you with a sword of Damocles.

10. Think of a competitor

The desire to be better is inherent in each of us. Turn this weakness into your advantage. Find yourself a competitor in the office and strive to get around it. The desire to prove that you are more professional, can motivate you to work much more effectively.

Motivation for work at home

I even envy a little those who work without leaving home: time is not spent on the road, there are no colleagues who are trying in every possible way to drag you out to a smoke break or discuss the last trip to the Maldives. And, probably, the most delicious moment – you can plan your own day.

But on the other hand, at home there is a dog that you need to walk or children who need attention. And often work at home is not generally perceived by others as something really serious. Home do not hesitate to distract you with household trivia, friends constantly call at an uncomfortable time, saying that “Well, you’re still sitting at home, why should you listen to my next problem?”. How to deal with this? How to manage to do all the work in due time, without leaving for the night and catching up for the weekend?

11. Work behind closed doors

It is hard to maintain the working mood if the TV is working or children are constantly rushing into the office. You should have a room that will be your office, and family members need to be made aware that you do not need to go without an invitation.

12. Listen to music on headphones

It would seem, why in headphones? And if I ever sit at home all alone? I can say for sure that this will help you to get distracted from the environment and fully concentrate on your duties. Of course, if you are not a writer. Because the latter need perfect silence.

13. Dress code at home

Even at home, start your morning at exactly nine. Dress as if you are going to a business meeting – it helps to tune into a working mood. By the way, this method of self-discipline has long been used by news broadcasters. Even if the camera never focuses on the driving shoes, the announcer will still wear model shoes, not home slippers. Because even this small stroke adjusts to the working wave.

14. Perform small tasks during calls

Remove children’s books or toys only when you are talking on the phone. So you can control the order in the house and solve simple business tasks.

15. Is in the office prohibited!

A lunch break is not the time that should be spent at the office table. And even more so, it is not advisable to eat at this table. It is necessary to allocate time for rest. Work at home is usually monotonous. The most that you can do is walk once a day to the grocery store. No coolers, hikes in the dining room or smoking room and other benefits of office life. Therefore, take a separate place for dinner. You should be distracted even a little, rising from a chair and leaving the office.

16. Eight-hour working day

Do not be distracted by trifles. Just imagine how much time you spent on the same job while in the office. And do it at home about the same time. And then there will be a serious motivation to do everything much quicker, so that a couple of hours left in reserve. Than not a bonus?

17. Every Sunday is a day off.

At least one day a week you need to completely disconnect from work cases. On this day it is advisable not to approach the computer at all, because it is for you – a working tool that will vividly remind you of your duties. And then, you see, it’s much easier to work, knowing that soon it’s a day off.

18. Multiple laptops for different tasks

If possible, buy a second laptop or computer solely for work. You can not even imagine how the separation of the two laptops into a work and entertainment can help. When one is turned on – your thoughts are directed to the working channel, when the other – you can afford to completely relax.

19. Evaluate your productivity adequately

I, for example, are full of energy in the first half of the day. Therefore, most of the things I try to do between 8:00 and 15:00. And in the afternoon I can afford to relax a little and go for yoga or a gym. By the way, being there, I try not to think about work for at least a couple of hours.

20. Record successes

Constantly record your progress towards the goal. Especially, if the customer gave a task that by complexity exceeds everything that you did before. Mark in your mind or in writing everything that you managed to do perfectly.

How to work on the road

I work at a furious pace and sometimes I can visit several cities in one day. Naturally, on the road there is a need to do something useful. And then on the road you can visit a lot of thoughts about the development of any projects.

21. Translate the working documents into electronic format

I have long been accustomed to keeping all information on a laptop, tablet and smartphone. Believe me, the last thing you want to do in a train or a car is to try to sort out a heap of papers. Only at first to keep all the data in the phone is difficult, you very quickly get used to and just can not already work differently.

 22. Plan developing “courses for a month”

I have to travel around the country by car too often. And I decided that wasting time on the radio – an inadmissible luxury. Therefore now I organize for myself something of type of developing courses. For example, I can listen to audiobooks of Victor Pelevin for two weeks, I devote the next two weeks to business trainings in audio format. I can listen to the “course” of classical music. How can this affect your work? In general, in any way, but definitely it will give you much more than a conventional radio.

23. Solve small problems in transport

Secondary matters can easily be solved in an airplane or train. For example, I can fix the desktop on my laptop or clean the email from spam.

24. Searching for Wi-Fi

Look for free Wi-Fi, good in trains it definitely should be. So you can connect to it using your phone, and do the main job on your laptop.

25. Caching e-mail

I found myself a big plus in email caching. Because in this case I can work even in a bunker where there is no connection to the Internet.

How to work productively in cafes or restaurants

There is one method that personally helps me to work more effectively. I take a laptop and go to the nearest cafe with free internet. The office is good, but the monotony destroys creativity. We can say that for me, cafes and restaurants have become a kind of replacement of the office cabinet. I advise you to try …

26. Make useful acquaintances

In the beginning, when I was just developing my business, I decided to get acquainted with the owners of my favorite coffee shops. Often we became good friends, and the experience that they shared with me, in many ways was useful to me at that time. If you work at home, then such business contacts will definitely help you.

27. Minimize the running time

Leave the charge from the laptop at home. This can be a good motivation to finish work before the due date and until the moment when your working tool disconnects.

28. Create your own rules

For myself, I have already developed a couple of unspoken rules, which I always try to adhere to. For example, I always sit facing the wall, not to the street. And I choose a place in the corner, away from the congestion of people.

29. The Internet is not always needed

If I need to finish a job that does not involve the Internet, then I’m looking for a cafe without access to Wi-Fi. Because, again, I’m very distracted by social networks, checking the mail Revolverlab’a and all sorts of news feeds.

30. Choose a suitable incentive for yourself

Let’s say I need to finish work in an hour. So, I try to finish it 15-20 minutes earlier, while not allowing myself to order more than one cup of coffee, no matter how hungry I was. Believe me, such “self-torture” can be a good incentive.

Work in the coworking space

I think this paragraph will be useful to freelancers who are forced to work at home. When you work a meter from the place where you just slept, the mood and atmosphere in your head, gently say, does not adjust to the working mood. Someone can force himself to perform all the work tasks productively, but to someone this moment seems completely destructive.

Last I can advise you to look for a place where the atmosphere has a productive activity, where you do not have to exert additional efforts to motivate yourself somehow. With such tasks, covorking spaces perform well. Although there are moments here that distract from business. I advise you to read the tips below to stay focused for a long time.

31. Surround yourself with the “right” people

The fact is that coworkers can become for you both an asset and a liability. For example, designers absolutely do not need a company of programmers who spend the whole day writing code. And the latter has nothing to do in the company of free artists. Always try to be among the people who are pleasant to you. Believe me, productivity will grow at times.

32. Do not hesitate to ask for advice.

If the work you are doing requires some special knowledge, ask, perhaps among the cowards, that you are surrounded, there will be those who can give you good advice on this matter. Perhaps in this way you will find yourself a good partner for the project.

33. Create your silence

When there are at least two people sitting in the same room, you can not count on silence. But instead of being annoyed and cursing everything in the world, try to create for yourself silence. How to do it? Well, for example, buy a pair of good headphones and turn on the repetitive track that sets you up for the working wave. This is much better than breaking your voice and proving your rightness in the struggle for silence.

34. Do not waste time in vain

Do not keep open unnecessary windows for work: chat rooms, social networks, Twitter and more. Try to work hard to work out the right time, and then, when all tasks are fulfilled, without a twinge of conscience take an hour for “doing nothing”.

35. All the people around you are potential clients

Imagine that everyone around you evaluates you and how you work. Perhaps, at first it will be a little wild and unusual, but then you will feel the result.

36. Protect your workspace

It is difficult to concentrate when there is a person behind you and besides, he does not hesitate to discuss some nonsense. Ask people to talk near their workplace. Hardly they will argue with you.

37. All working tools should always be at hand

All the things you need for work keep in a conspicuous place. The search for a notebook, pens, an additional phone is very distracting from the workflow.

38. Demonstrate your employment

Use headphones in coworking offices. This will be your indicator of employment for the rest of the people.

39. Include people in your project

Ask people around you to give you advice on your project in exchange for your help. Believe me, it is very useful to know the opinion of an outsider about your site, article or product.

40. Tired – walk away from the computer

If you are tired and understand that without rest you can not do, immediately get up off the chair and go to the street. At least half an hour is desirable to spend outside the workplace and away from the monitor. And the more so do not open the “instagram”, “facebook” and “classmates.” It is better to read a book or treat yourself to something delicious.


That’s all. If you follow at least half of what is written above, productivity will not fail to increase several times. Personally, I try to do everything exactly as described, and I can say that I do not suffer from lack of time or excessive idleness.