5 time trackers that will help to defeat procrastination


trackers of time: harvest

Harvest started in the distant 2006 and during this time managed to undergo many changes and improvements. However, the main functionality has remained unchanged – it is still one of the most powerful services for time management, which is used by tens of thousands of users around the world.

Main functions

  • Manual and automatic recording of working hours.
  • Separation of projects into paid and unpaid.
  • Function of constructing reports that show progress and loss of time.
  • Create flexible invoices based on your working hours.
  • Integration with more than 80 applications, including IFTTT, Slack, QuickBooks and so on.

Cost: 1 user, 4 clients, 2 projects for free. Learn more →


time trackers: Toggl

This is one of the most popular services in its category. He has almost everything necessary to organize the work of a freelancer or even a small company. Special thanks to the developers for the fact that most of the service functions are available even in the free version.

Main functions

Cost: 5 users for free with little functionality limitations. Learn more →


time trackers: RescueTime

RescueTime is an application of a very special kind. It will replace to you a strict boss who constantly stands behind your back and keeps track of which websites and applications you open. Then he will present a detailed report of the time spent, which you can become frightening. And then you yourself ask to block all these sites that steal your time.

Main functions

Cost: 1 user for free with basic functions and reports. Learn more →


time trackers: LogMyHours

LogMyHours has not the most simple interface, therefore for mastering of all possibilities of this service it is necessary to spend time and efforts. For this you will be rewarded with the most complete and detailed reports on your work activity.

Main functions

Cost: 1 user, 4 clients, 2 projects for free. Learn more →


time trackers: PrimaERP

PrimaERP is a time tracker for time tracking, cost estimation and invoicing. The reports created with the help of the service will show what you and your colleagues were doing. A fairly simple and convenient time management tool that will increase your productivity.

Main functions

Cost: The timekeeping function is free for three users. Learn more →

And what tool do you prefer to track tasks and manage time?