Alternative cycles of sleep: stretching their days

I have an acquaintance who once dreamed of sleeping a day for only two hours and at the same time practically did not experience fatigue. I dream that on certain days in the day was not twenty-four, but at least thirty-six hours.

Workaholic comrades and other creative personalities, I have good news for you! Stretch day to thirty-six hours, of course, not, but that’s less to sleep and stay awake longer is even really possible! Because in addition to the usual for the majority of the cycle “6-8 hours of sleep, 16-18 hours of wakefulness” there are four more, which just allow you to perform miracles;)

So, in addition to the usual one-phase sleep cycle for the majority of the population, there are other variants of multiphase, which can help to expand your working day and at the same time not to harm your health. Jordan Lejuwaan, creator of HighExistence, shares interesting information.

The Superman’s Cycle

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This cycle includes a sleep of 20-30 minutes every four hours. In the end, it turns out that you sleep six times a day. Ubermen cycle is considered very effective – people feel more healthy, feel a surge of energy and see very bright dreams. But he has one significant drawback: if you miss at least one phase of sleep, you will feel not asleep and tired.

Steve Pavlina practiced this cycle for 5.5 months, but then returned to normal sleep in order to live in unison with his family.

Ordinary cycle

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This cycle includes one “basic” long sleep (1-1.5 hours) and three or four or five short sleeps of twenty minutes each. The remaining time after the main sleep is divided so that short rest periods occur at regular intervals.

This schedule is considered more flexible, it is easier to adapt to it and it can be combined with a single-phase sleep cycle for three to four hours. In addition, sometimes you can miss “short dreams” without harm to health.

Dimaxion Cycle

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Bucky Fuller brought this cycle of sleep on the basis of his belief that a person has two reservoirs with energy. And if the first tank is very easy to replenish, then the second (second wind) replenishes much more not willingly. As a result, he began to sleep for thirty minutes 4 times a day every six hours, which in total was only two hours of sleep! At the same time he stated that he had never felt more energetic. Doctors examined Bucky after two years of this cycle and declared him completely healthy.

At the moment this is the most extreme of the four alternative, but at the same time the most effective sleep cycle.

Two-phase cycle or siesta

This dream is practiced by many senior students and students and includes four – four and a half hours of sleep at night and about an hour – a half day. This cycle is not much different from single-phase, but still slightly more efficient.

Go to the new multiphase cycles will not be so easy and from about the third to the tenth day you will feel like a zombie. Just be patient, eat healthy, low-fat food and everything will be fine. In about two weeks you will feel the promised result.

Such experiments can be conducted only if you know for sure that you have two or three absolutely free weeks left in stock and that your work and study will be able to cohabit with your new schedule. As, in other matters, and your family.