Things to do in the weekend: 5 great ideas


Even if you did not have a summer vacation this year, do not deny yourself the pleasure of knowing the world a little better.

Go to at least a trip to the nearest cities. Residents of Moscow, have you been to the city for a long time, for example, in Kolomna? It’s cool there: the ancient Kremlin, museums of pastilles and kalachi. And the study of Moscow and Moscow estates – in general it is not a matter of one day or even one month.

It is unlikely that I will make a mistake against the truth, if I say that in almost every city you can find something interesting. Mini-travel in any case will help to distract from routine and get new impressions.

Arrange photo hunting

Step-by-step instruction: take a camera and go out into the street. Remove all the interesting, unusual and funny that only comes across the eyes. Done, you are gorgeous!

Photography is the easiest way to keep memories, and a fine summer day is an excellent source of such memories. Photograph architecture, nature, yourself, friends. In the winter, these pictures will please you, give inspiration and reconcile with the surrounding white and gray reality.

Go on a city tour

Historical buildings, museums and all that. Practice shows that if people and visit such places, it is extremely rare and on special occasions, in the Night of Museums for example. It’s time to end this tradition. In the next weekend, go to the museum just like that, without any reason.

Those who are not particularly interested in history and art, I propose the idea of ​​the quest: visit each city amusement park and ride there on the attractions. If in your city there are several wheels of a review, in general it is smart. You can admire the landscape from several points, make great photos, and then look at them and look for familiar places.

Embark on adventures

Shoot from the bow, play a laser tag and plenty of jumping on the trampoline – what’s not the perfect day off for the whole family? Yes, all this can be done in one place, without leaving the city limits. You get a single subscription for entertainment in the shopping center “SportEX”, and the problem with what to occupy themselves and children on Saturday or Sunday, is solved.

Now more about what is included in the subscription. First, a visit to the cinema. “Olympic Cinema” – a modern multiplex with six rooms, where you can enjoy watching movies in 3D. Inspired by the adventures of kinogeroev, play in Q-zar – one of the most popular types of laser tag. Running with machine guns, excitement and a thirst for victory is an entertainment that everyone will enjoy.

Then go to the rope town. There are only eight obstacles here, but the difficulty is that they need to be overcome at a height of 4 to 6 meters. Completely get rid of acrophobia (so called fear of heights) will help jumping on the trampoline – they will be appreciated by adults and children alike. The most important thing is that it does not hurt at all.

And finally test your accuracy in the dash. Did they make bows from branches in childhood? So, here, too, you can feel like Robin Hood and try to hit the very center of the target. Bows and crossbows favorably differ from those from childhood, so the pleasures, as you understand, are much greater.

All this costs 1 390 rubles – for fun for the whole day the amount is quite acceptable. Subscription is valid for 30 days from the date of purchase, and you can visit the locations in any order. Be sure to save the ticket with the stamps that attest to the passage of all these stages: at the ticket office of the cinema you can exchange it for a guaranteed prize.

Make a list of plans

Surely you have a lot of ideas, before the embodiment of which do not reach the hands. Moreover, many of them are sometimes forgotten.

To prevent this from happening, take a little time to compile a list of things you would like to do. There can be absolutely everything: from a long-delayed meeting with old friends to more ambitious plans – learning a foreign language, changing jobs or moving to another city.

Such lists help to put things in order and understand what is really important for us. This is a kind of instruction for action that will encourage you to change.

The readers of the Lifehacker certainly have in reserve some ways to have fun even in the most dull day off. Share them in the comments and remember that you can not miss the weekend. 🙂

Spend the weekend in “SportEX”