Why instead of the iPhone is better to buy Android. Own experience

It so happened that my entire working ecosystem is built on Apple products – this is the Macbook Pro Retina, and the iPhone 5s, iPad Air, Apple TV and other hardware. However, I constantly look at Android, as an alternative to existing in my household apple pearls. At the moment I’m very active with SONY Xperia Z1 and HTC One (m8). And yes, I’m sure that at the moment, Apple has very few reasons to remain a monopolist in my ecosystem. About the reasons below, but it should be said that only the top smartphones of any manufacturer on Android deserve attention. All the rest is just junk. So I will not consider the issue of price – the top Android costs as much as the iPhone or iPad.  


Yes, Apple is just a magician as an iron, but top-end smartphones very rarely turn out to be plastic scratches.


Jokes about the rapid discharge of the Android battery, I consider as obsolete as the anecdotes on the site anekdot.ru. Do not tell anecdotes about the Russian and American in a decent company, just as you do not have to joke about the Android battery. I take the SONY Z1 necessarily on my business trip for several reasons, one of which is that the smartphone battery lives all day. The iPhone, especially with the downturn of the new iOS 7, is half full at noon, dead by 2-3 o’clock in the afternoon. This is not normal, and it’s not just enrages – it takes our company out of money, as several meetings were disrupted just because I did not get to the phone or the address. “Sonka” lives until late at night, HTC – a couple of days without any problems at all! Today iPhone 5s is just a mockery of the time of life.

Water resistant

My first drowned phone, iPhone 3G, fell out of my breast pocket when I tried the Marmara Sea water before the first windsurfing lesson. The day was a success, but the phone did not come to life. My wife drowned the iPhone 4 in the tropical rainfall of Thailand, because she just did not find a place to hide in a couple of minutes. Another iPhone 4 drowned in sweat during a very long workout on about. Koh Samui. How many more phones do I need to drown so that Apple understands that it’s possible to become 1mm thicker, but stop drowning?

Unfortunately, I like the HTC One m8, but SONY Z1 does not just repel splashes and sweat, but also makes excellent underwater photos.

I need it, believe me. Here, just washed the “Sonya” with water and soap, made a genocide for bacteria.


Technology is not the greatest need, but it can indeed be useful. For example, you can see the balance of the Moscow subway.

Also, with the help of NFC, the external lens SONY (we will soon make a review) is connected to the phone in one touch!

Physical buttons? Come on, Apple!

Why do we need a physical Home button? Why can not it be just on the body, light or some other mark, with a tactile designation for searching blindly? Again, this button is almost all broken. I have five times probably. Why do they make me constantly fix them? I do not understand. The SONY and HTC buttons are virtual, and I have never bothered. In HTC, at all, wake up by double-tap on the off screen is implemented, and the phone wakes up! Why is there no such thing for the iPhone? Dont clear.

Your charging?

The new charging connector from Apple with a nice marketing name (well, as always) is very good – it’s sturdy, it is stuck by either side and generally handsome. But charging the gadgets that I need, namely: 3G / Wifi modem, bluetooth headset, adidas micoach smart run clock, the smart phones are called by one cable – micro USB. Yes, probably the reason is in the dunce, doing it, which did not make it as steep as Apple’s, but … a separate cable, different from all … It’s somehow uncomfortable, is not it.

Apple, do you think this is a parade of losers? ;)
Apple, do you think this is a parade of losers? 😉


It’s still more interesting here. I love the visual uniformity and perfectness of applications for the iPhone. On the iPhone, I like that no Yandex or Mail.ru can get there with its widgets, programs and ideas. I love clean systems and standard software, if it is at the level! Google Maps is better than Yandex.Maps for many reasons (pedestrian navigation, transport not only in Russia, modern iOS 7 design), Mail is better than Mail.ru mailer, Google searches for Yandex better for me, and I want my new phone not to be on neither Yandex, nor other “local” color. Returning after a week with Android on iOS 7, I experience a real aesthetic pleasure. But there are so many annoying stuff in iOS that i just can not not jump into the arms of Android again. I’m afraid that someday I will not just go back, dear Apple. Here are just a few reasons.

Transferring data between applications

It is convenient to send an article to Pocket without sending a message somewhere, but directly. I want to select a piece of text and transfer it only to Evernote. I want to install a foreign camera, and directly from it to transfer photos to Instagram, bypassing extraneous applications-crutches. It can be seen that Apple understands this also in the latest releases of the mobile OS, but to do everything in their minds something does not allow it. Religion?

Psychoanalyst of the phone

The photos taken by the iOS camera should instantly be transmitted via iCloud (for which I am also crying) to my PC with the running iPhoto, my friend Steve promised me, and friend Tim. But no. They should, but not be transferred. Even the swimming of the SONY under the tap, I snapped on the iPhone 5s, but on the computer after 30 minutes there are no pictures. I mailed them to Gmail myself and inserted it into the article. And I also tried to share my post in iCloud on a private box – there is no letter. Sometimes it is not at all clear what is going on in the head of the iPhone. Do you send it or not, brother? What prevents you from doing this quickly? Do not say it just works. It is not true. Google+, that on iOS, that on Android, just works – launched and pictures in the cloud. And when they go there, Android shows progress, and reports – Photos are ready, the boss. With him, I do not lose a second of time! I’m not saying that you have to be an intrusive jerk like Windows, which just does not know how to shut up and all the time something communicates. But you can not be so introverted as the iPhone. It just does not work.

And another example. iOS 7 eats the battery like a bastard. And now there are articles such as “The Facebook application is to blame!”, “It’s the background software update that’s faulty, turn it off, the user!”. Do you know why they appear? Because there is no way to know which creature is actually eating your battery. In Android, it can be simply and easily viewed. Even the iPhone is now complex enough to hide this information from the user.



There you have to apply the mate, but I can not – he came up with these rules 🙂 The notifications that you are pulling on top of the screen in iOS 7 are just awful. They are not configured, they show widgets and fields for some spherical American in a vacuum. They almost no one uses, I asked around. In Android, they allow you to manage music, regardless of whether you have a standard player or VKontakte. You see in them if you have modem mode enabled or not, shows the DND mode and much more. All this is the truth I need, constantly, and I do not want to go to the settings to change these states of my phone. I do not need to know the shares of YNDX or GOOGL, because I do not have them. I want to see my affairs in Any.DO, and not the motley Tasks, which is ridiculous in iOS 7.

I really all wonder!
I really all wonder!

Default Programs

Why can not I set Google Chrome as my default? A mailer Gmail? They are better than what goes by default in iOS. The camera I like VSCO. Tasks – Any.DO. Fast messages – Telegram. VoIP – Skype and Viber, and not Cripple FaceTime. Or do better, Apple, or let the one who is better. In Android, you can set anything by default, which is convenient. For example, I make all calls only on Skype, and the phone application is not used at all. The operator is a pipe for the Internet for me, and I pay for messages and calls to other companies.

iCloud only for iOS and OS X

About what crippled iCloud, it is written above. And also admit that you have a poppy or Dropbox, or Google Drive, or some kind of crafts from domestic IT giants. Why does this happen if there is Apple’s iCloud? Because – a cripple. Then let it change to another default solution. No, iOS will not allow. I’m already silent about the fact that nothing, except iOS and OS X, can not get from iCloud data about contacts, calendars and cases. This is not normal, I believe. Whatever one may say, the data is still mine.

Siri today is just ridiculous

For me Siri is only able to detect the time of cooking spaghetti “Set timer to 10 minutes” and for the alarm clock in the morning “Set alarm to 7pm”. She does not understand Russian. Nothing can help us. Ask your friend for Android and see what’s doing Google Now. They understand Russian. He takes your mail, gets tickets for airplanes, reserves in Airbnb and Booking.com, builds routes, guesses when to get out, not to miss the plane, translates all currencies, selects an interesting nearby in the new city, adapts translator and much more . Now projects the day, drawing on the calendar and the address of the events in it. I just plan 4-5 meetings in Moscow, register contacts and addresses, and the phone leads me through a complicated for logistics city, like a caring, experienced assistant. And here’s another of the new – how Google Now works for motorists. The head is occupied only by what is important to me. The rest happens itself. And what does Siri do? Tells how the Giants beat the Green Goblins? Responds to Russian SMS only in English? Siri’s voice recognizes even worse than Yandex (1, 2)!

And take and look at Dusya, who can replace Google Now and works generally as a living person and communicates with you only with a voice!


If I have 10% of the battery left, then obviously, i do not really care about iOS background updates. Why do not they shut themselves down? Built-in battery saving mode in Android I bought on trips with giblets. If the batteries are 20%, then all notifications are disabled. If 10%, then the Internet is available only when the phone is turned on. In standby mode, it does not do anything! It is more important for me to be on the phone and have access to data when I need it VERY much, and not be aware of likes or letters. And it’s all set up. Android hangs 10% in Stamina mode for many, many hours, and the iPhone is already dead in your pocket. And in any way it is not configured! But it’s very thin …

And so with the automation of everything. In iOS, nothing is automated, in Android – everything is automated.


On this, perhaps, I will finish these comparisons. It seems to me that Apple more and more often with dubious minimalism covers a simple and almost all obvious fact – its products are lagging more and more from the market. It is impossible to cover with minimalism brake iCloud. You can not say that stability is not given access to contacts in the cloud of non-iOS devices – the Apple gadgets themselves are able to add a considerable amount of buzz to the address book by simply multiplying all your contacts by 5. A limit of 1000 photos in the Photo Stream – it’s just nonsense. About the quality of the programs from Apple I said, but I repeat: Instacast is better than Podcasts, Chrome is better than Safari, Mailbox is better Mail, Telegram is better than iMessage, Viber is better than FaceTime, 1Password is better than built-in password storage, Pocket is better than text reader in Safari, Dropbox is better than iCloud, YouTube and did not do anything better?

A lot of why, and more often we want answers with a new and new release of Android or, God forgive, Windows Phone.

And what do you think about the current state of iOS and Apple’s ecosystem? Did not think about Android?