15 unusual products that we found on AliExpress

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1. Printer for manicure

Printer for manicure

Why spend time and money hiking in a beauty salon or suffer, trying to self-image something on the nails, when the drawing can be printed? Choose a template, and then just put your fingers. This thing will do everything for you.

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2. Mug-funnel


If you do not have a spoon on hand or just laziness to stir sugar, this is not a reason to drink unsweetened coffee. In this convenient capacious stainless steel mug, the contents are mixed by themselves, just press the button.

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3. Headphones with ears

Headphones with ears

These bright headphones will not leave anyone indifferent. A thousand points to attractiveness they are added luminous cat ears. The gadget folds and easily fits in a backpack or bag, and a long one-and-a-half-meter wire allows its holder to be more mobile.

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4. Cube-anti-stress


Clicking with an automatic ballpoint pen, trying to concentrate, is the last century. Advanced people choose Fidget Cube.

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5. Helmet for the head

Helmet for head

The design looks fantastic. Soft rubber pads in the helmet press on certain points on the head, helping to relax. The massager connects to the outlet and vibrates. Buyers in the comments claim to have felt the magic effect from him.

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6. Code plug for a bottle of wine

Code plug for a bottle of wine

In case the neighbors in the apartment have no-no, yes, they’ll eat from your stocks.

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7. LED Shower Head

LED Shower Head

If the expensive bath with chromotherapy you can not afford, do not worry. A similar relaxing effect can be achieved with a shower with a bright backlight. The stronger the pressure of water, the more intense the color.

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8. Backlight for toilet bowl

Backlight for toilet bowl

A small device that operates on three finger batteries will turn your toilet into a branch of a nightclub. The backlight reacts to the movement, so that the toilet bowl will shine with a magic light as soon as you approach it.

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9. Whistle, helping to lose weight

Whistle, helping to lose weight

In fact, this thing helps to breathe the diaphragm. It is said that such a breath triggers the process of splitting fat cells and reduces the level of stress. And if less stress, then you do not have to jam it!

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10. Universal silicone bowl

Universal silicone bowl

If you want – stir the salad, you want – my fruit, and if you want – keep the fish. This plastic bowl with a buckle is suitable for various manipulations in the kitchen. It can be washed in a dishwasher and placed in a microwave oven.

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11. Harness for a hamster

Harness for a hamster

Not all the same, he travels in a plastic ball around the apartment. Sometimes you have to walk the animal and the fresh grass.

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12. Bright rubber boots

Bright rubber boots

Shoes in which you can easily walk through puddles and enjoy even the most slushy weather. And the juicy color of the shoes is another +10 to a good mood!

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13. Lipstick in the form of a bottle of wine

Lipstick in the form of a bottle of wine

It’s not even lipstick, it’s a liquid tint that lasts a long time on the lips. By the way, pleasing is not only the design of lipstick, but also its ridiculous price.

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14. Projection Laser Keyboard

Projection keyboard

Typing text right on the table is fantastic? Not at all! The device connects via Bluetooth to a smartphone or tablet and projects the keyboard on any flat surface. Stylish and comfortable.

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15. 3D sticker on the door

3D sticker on the door

A familiar door to the room can be turned into a two-fold magical platform from the Harry Potter films.

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