Where to invest 100 thousand rubles to turn them into a million

1. Financial cushion

where to invest: financial cushion

The airbag is a pledge of a more or less peaceful life, if tomorrow you will be out of work, get sick or get into any other situation where free money will not interfere.

Put off the funds from each salary until you get an amount equal to your income for three months. For example, if you get 40 thousand, you need to save 120,000 rubles. We take 100 thousand and for 6 months we open a deposit in the bank with a rate of at least 6%. Each month we throw another 5,000 rubles. As a result, we get 128 000 rubles with copecks. If you open the deposit for two years, 235 000 rubles will be collected – almost twice as much as necessary.

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2. Securities

Trading on the stock exchange is not atomic physics. The main rules: choose reliable brokers, invest for a long time to avoid jerking due to temporary fluctuations in the share price, and do not contact the investment if there is no available money.

100 thousand is a worthy sum to invest on the stock exchange. Divide the funds between stocks and bonds, and for the remainder, buy the currency. And get ready to wait: there will be no instant profit, periodically the share price will then take off and then fall. This is normal – even after serious crises the market is leveling off.

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3. Art and antiques

You can start the collection with the works of modern promising authors. Learn the trends: so you can estimate which of the beginning artists can “shoot” in the future.

You can earn money even on a random find. So, some amateur antiques purchased on occasion a bit beaten teapot without a lid for only $ 20. It turned out that this is a product of the American potter John Bartlem, whose products are a rarity in the market. As a result, a teapot made in the XVIII century, sold at auction for 800 thousand dollars.

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4. Private business

Risky, but a promising venture. Take a closer look at business incubators and technology parks: perhaps among the many start-ups you will find one that will take off and bring profit.

First, business should be simple. The service that solves the pressing problems is yes, but the idea of ​​the type of innovative nanofilters sucked from the finger is probably not.

Secondly, it will be good if the young company is going to enter the big market, and not just limited to solving the problems of a narrow segment of consumers. Not the fact that they will succeed, but your money can not be returned.

Do not be fooled by sweet promises: check the financial statements of the future partner and his experience in business. If everything is in order, safely invest.

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5. Pension

where to invest: pension

In a few decades you will be glad that you did not buy 100,000 randomly got into your hands, but put money on a deposit or entrusted it to a non-state pension fund.

Suppose now you are 30, and you are planning to retire at 60 years old. After that, you are going to live another 10 years. A month would be nice to have at least 30 thousand additional income – 3.6 million rubles for 10 years more or less a decent life.

Each year, out of the remaining thirty, you need to save 120,000 – that’s 10,000 a month. 100 000 rubles will be an excellent foundation for savings.

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6. Exchange Funds

They are ETF, Exchange-Trading Funds. This is a set of securities of different companies. Buying a stock of the fund, you, relatively speaking, get a share of this set.

On the Moscow stock exchange you can buy shares of FXMM – the money market fund. An excellent option for those who agree to let a small but constant profit. In the period from January 1, 2017 to January 1, 2018, the value of one share rose from 1,302 to 1,408 rubles. Now you can buy one share for about 1,414 rubles – for 100,000 there will be 71 shares, if you pay 400 rubles.

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7. Individual investment account

Put money on this account and keep them there for at least three years, and the tax office gives you a choice of two options for deductions. You can return 13% of the invested amount for the year (but no more than the personal income tax you paid) or to release your income from the profit tax. Profitability is guaranteed, and action from you is required minimum.

For example, if this year to open an individual investment account and put 100,000 rubles there, next year the state will return you 13,000 rubles. This is plus to what you earn for the duration of the account. If you plan to invest not for a minimum of three years, but for a long time, choose the option with the exemption of income from income tax – so it can turn out more profitable.

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8. Precious metals

where to invest: precious metals

You can buy ingots, buy coins or send money to an impersonal metal account. By the way, buying metal with OMC is 18% more profitable than buying gold or silver bullion.

For 100,000 rubles you can buy 20 grams of palladium and 20 grams of platinum – these metals are gradually rising in price. The remaining money is enough for another 100 grams of silver.

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9. Shares of public companies

You buy shares of Facebook, Microsoft or Yandex and wait. As a result, you receive dividends and an occasion to brag to your friends – they hardly have such shares.

For 100,000 rubles, you can buy a set of 10 Microsoft shares (6 months yield + 30.62%), 1 Netflix stock (75.42% yield for half a year), 5 Twitter shares (half a year yield +92.73 %) and 9 shares of “Yandex” (profitability for half a year – + 38.1%).

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10. Crypto currency

Money that can not be held in hands can bring more profit than traditional assets. Potential income is worth it to spend time studying the topic. The main rule – do not put all the funds in one currency: if something goes wrong, at least some of the money you have time to save.

The drop bitkoyna excited even those who did not plan to invest in the crypto currency, but in fact there is no reason for special concern. In the end, there is an etherium, there are dash and ripple – while they are quite confidently growing. The cost of the etherium, for example, jumped from $ 303 in November 2017 to 850 at the end of February.

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11. Work

Your salary will not grow by itself, so think about how to use free money to pump your professional skills and secure a decent income in the future.

100 000 rubles will suffice for courses or full-fledged professional retraining. For example, in the training center “Baumanki” you can get a specialty Java programmer for 90 with a small thousand rubles – provided that you catch a discount. The profession of a web designer there can also be mastered for 49,890 rubles – and will remain for additional educational programs.

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