14 reasons to go swimming

Weight loss

The most obvious beneficial effect of swimming is fat burning. And the amount of calories that you spend during a conscientious swim is really huge. First, many muscle groups are involved in the work at once. Secondly, cold water helps to spend additional energy. For the greatest effect, learn how to swim a butterfly. This is the most energy-consuming style.

Improved posture

Many of us spend most of the day at the computer. Swimming can greatly improve posture. In addition to the fact that in the water the spine experiences less gravitational loads, swimming improves the condition of the muscles of the back, chest and waist. From stoop is best helped by swimming with the crawl on the back.

Stretched abdomen

It seems that during the swim the legs and hands work most of all. However, the muscles of the press are also involved in the work. In order to pump the press with the help of swimming, you should prefer the style of “dolphin”. But other styles will help get rid of the fat on the stomach.

Healthy lungs and heart

Many professional swimmers began their careers to get rid of asthma attacks. The correct setting of the breathing, as well as the moist air necessary during the voyage, have a favorable effect on the lung function. With regular swimming lessons, the heart rate decreases (up to 45-50 beats per minute at rest), and at the same time the cardiac output is increased (up to 200 cuts).

The benefits of swimming: healthy lungs and heart
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Benefits for joints

Water will make your joints more flexible. But swimming works well not only as the prevention of joint diseases. You can swim even during exacerbations: cooling will relieve pain, and smooth movements will have the effect of massage.

Improve blood

Even after a single swim, the blood composition changes significantly for the better: the number of red blood cells and the level of hemoglobin increases. What can we say about the positive effect of regular training in the pool.

Alternative to the gym

A swimming pool can be an excellent alternative in those days when you do not have enough strength to train in the gym or do not want to run in the rain. Promise yourself that you will not be exhausted, but simply swim at a comfortable pace. After 5-10 minutes of a relaxed stay in the water, you may have the strength to fully exercise. And if not – do not scold yourself: it’s better than nothing.

Digital Detox

Even in the gym and on the treadmill, many do not part with the smartphone. In the pool you will not be available even for calls. At least an hour you will not check the mail and the number of likes in Instagram.

Gentle training

Swimming is well suited for recovery after injury or just after too much stress. Also, swimming perfectly complements the running classes, contributing to a more rapid recovery of muscles than rest days without any physical exertion.

Increased intelligence

Movement in the water requires special coordination, and vigorous breathing during an intense swim saturates the blood with oxygen. In order to visit the swimming pool made you smarter, swim in different styles at a fast pace.

Relaxation after a hard day

The sound of water helps to relieve tension and distract from problems. Beneficial to the nervous system is also affected by a lower water temperature. If after a day you can not relax, and at night you can not sleep for a long time, go to the pool in the evenings. For relaxation, swim with simple styles – breaststroke or on the back.

The use of swimming. Relaxation after a hard day
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The positive effect of water procedures on immunity is well known. But to decide on pouring ice water or even on a contrast shower is not so easy. But in the pool, cold water is perceived quite naturally, having the same quenching effect.

Fighting Temptations

Sometimes in the evening just do not have enough strength to fight with their bad habits. Swimming can be your faithful helper. First, it will take at least an hour of your time. Secondly, after swimming your mood is guaranteed to improve, and in an extra cake or a glass of wine there will simply be no need.

Entertainment for the whole family

Swimming is a sport, accessible at any age. From the earliest years, children enjoy being in the pool. And for the elderly, swimming is perhaps the safest way to keep fit. Go to the pool with the whole family!