How to make morning workouts perfect

1. Do not brake! If you do not want to go back to bed, do not think for a second. Act clearly and purposefully, avoid unnecessary movements and doubts. Get ready for training in 10-15 minutes. Leave all other matters for later.

2. Do everything to wake up. Everyone has their own invigorating triggers: someone needs coffee, another – check the mail. For example, every morning I start with Elevate tasks. Know yourself and use your weaknesses to your advantage.

3. Is your drug coffee? Fortunately, you can not deny yourself this doping. A cup of coffee, drunk before jogging, will help you make a breakthrough on the treadmill.

Morning Workouts: Drink Coffee
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4. Keep the goal in front of your eyes. Find your reason for the morning workout: freeing the evening for other things, burning fat or preparing for a race. Place this reason in a prominent place: in the alarm clock or on the mirror in the bathroom, so that it is ready, when the dulling thoughts that begin to spring are brought to bed.

5. Get ready in the evening. A successful early morning begins with evening training: put a glass of water near the bed, collect a sports bag, make an alarm clock (or better – two). The main thing – lie early, because morning workouts do not compensate for lack of sleep.

6. Cook a delicious breakfast. It will be a reward for your perseverance. Plus, if you usually do not have an appetite from the morning, after training, you will almost certainly greedily pounce even on the muesli. What can I say about a sandwich with salmon.

Morning Workouts: Cook a delicious breakfast

7. Heat the room. Despite the fact that it’s better to sleep in a cool room, it’s easier to wake up in the heat. Therefore, after well ventilating the room before going to bed, do not leave the window open for the night, so that by morning the room is warm again. So getting up will be much easier.

8. More light! Early training will have to rise long before dawn. The body can not be deceived: in the dark it will want to sleep. Therefore, having risen, turn on the lighting to the full, to force the day off at any time of year and at any latitude.

9. Wash yourself! Do not underestimate the invigorating effect of water. Can not you tear your eyes? Instead of lying in bed and languidly wandering around the house, rush straight to the bathroom and wash the face with cool water: sleep as a hand will remove.

Morning Workouts: Wash
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10. Start small. If you think that this morning you will not find the strength for the planned training, persuade yourself for only a few minutes of invigorating asanas. Make a pose of a mountain or a warrior, and, you see, there will be strength for a full training. And if not, at least you will know that you were not just too lazy, but really needed an additional dream: this also happens.

11. Train every day. If you want the early rise to cease to be difficult for you, you need to take morning workouts into a habit. Alternate different workouts: jogging, yoga, swimming. Do not be afraid if you include in your fitness program 1-2 days of rest per week. But it’s better to plan them in advance, and not make a decision at a time when you just will not be lazy to get out of bed.

12. Do not forget about the warm-up. Since morning, body temperature is slightly below normal, and muscles are not elastic enough. Therefore, to avoid injury, spend a full workout. Whether it is rocking, running, yoga or swimming, you need to start, gradually increasing the load.

Morning workouts: do not forget about the workout
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13. Find friends among the early birds. In the mornings the gym is not so few people. Meet those you see every morning, so that it’s more fun to go to training. And you can argue with one of the friends about who can stay longer from absenteeism: enter the element of competition into routine occupations.

14. Pay attention to your mood. After the morning workout, you will feel stunning: full of strength, self-confidence and pride in your purpose. Put a smiley on the calendar or brag of an excellent morning in social networks. And next morning remember the best reward for your perseverance – excellent mood.

15. Prepare a playlist. Do not forget to provide a good soundtrack so that the training is perfect and left only positive emotions.