How to start running at 40 and run the first 5 km in 2 months

Today we publish very motivating material from our reader Alexander Horoshilov. By the way, do not miss our text about the reasons for the race and why we consider this a very steep and important phenomenon!

This text is for children 30+. If someone does not want to read a lot of letters, there is a summary below.

Input data:

1. A complete lack of physical training – never engaged in sports
2. Lack of excess weight: 85 kg / 183 cm
3. 5 years as I do not smoke after 15 years of experience
4. Do not drink.
5. Some problems with gastroenterology.
6. Flattening.

The thought of doing something with me has been sitting for a long time – well, simply because somehow it is necessary to maintain the body in working order. The last 15 years I work as a brain in the office, so I had to somehow shake the city body. But, as we know, there is no time, then opportunities.

My daughter helped me. She is seriously engaged in sports and could not remain without the burden for the time of our holiday in Turkey. Therefore, it was decided that she should run in the mornings and make a special-educational complex in the gym every day.
It is clear that one can not run at 7 in the morning, and I started running around with her. It was a marked “track” for 800 meters, usually we ran it twice. But after a while my wife replaced her daughter in swimming (I do not like this business), and I stayed on the “track” alone.

I like it. That’s fair – motivation, especially in the presence of fat compatriots with beer in 24 × 7 mode, in bulk. Heat, fine air,
wonderful sunrises – in general, everything contributes.

He ran in the ancient non-cross-country crosses, for a kilometer and a half. Special problems are not
experienced (I remind you – I never ran after school). Of course, in such moist air and at this temperature, even if you run out early in the morning, you become wet after the fifth step. I ran along the asphalt and tile.

There are two advantages: you can run around with a bare torso (not the most important thing) and the second, which did not strike me first: do not warm up. He ran regularly for two weeks every other day, neither tired nor unpleasant sensations.
On arrival home (Moscow suburbs), I decided to continue running. It was August, it’s still warm, so the first month almost nothing has changed. Nearly.

As it turned out, in Turkey you wake up warmed up right away. Probably, because of the average
high temperature muscles never “freeze”. In Russia it’s not at all like that – as soon as I started running at a temperature of 15-18 ° C, not 25-30 ° C, my muscles began to clog, and immediately after 5 minutes of running.

Running with such muscles is fraught with microtraumas, which I received: I fell ill with calves, anterior muscle, ankle, heels and metatarsals. As for the banal endurance and strength of the legs, I have not had any problems with this (and now it does not arise): my legs after running have never been shaken yet, and I still have not stopped running because my legs are not holding.

Retreat number 1, about pleasure. I run for myself, for health, without any
global goal. I’m running because it’s cool to say in the company “and I’m running around in the morning.” Not in the company of clochards, of course, but understanding people. I run because it’s very nice to realize myself better than those lumpens who go to work at 7 am, already with a can of beer or black Russian. I run with pleasure and for fun 🙂

So, when running with pleasure, I do not hesitate to go one step, and then again to run, thereby giving rest to the body. But even this did not help. Considering that at first I did not run more than a kilometer, i.e. no more than in Turkey, to write it off on unprepared muscles did not work (in Turkey, nothing hurt), I decided to pay more attention to warming up and warm-up. Again, in our climate and for me personally it was significant: as soon as I began to warm up, not just walking to the park, but a small complex plus a warming ointment, everything gradually fell into place.

At the same time I began to study the issue of equipment, because I was not going to stop running, and I did not want to run in old sneakers that were too big for classes. And then I fell into the mouth of the most terrible animal in the world – a toad. I decided to save money and to buy something simpler. Nothing good came of it – feet in cheap sneakers got sick more. Then you still had to buy Asics. Because my legs warm up very slowly, I immediately bought long training coats, and to them a thermo-toot (when I wrote these lines, it was already clear that such a warm warm clothing should not be worn to +5: I overheat) and a T-shirt. All Reebok – I’m not a fan of this brand (I’m not at all), just the sizes and functionality just came up. Yes, even shorts with a comfortable pocket on the waist in the center – this pocket does not hang out and fixes the phone and keys well.

When I run, for rest I take a step and do sixty quick steps. how
rule, during this time the muscles have time to rest. I read a lot about the technique of running “with
sock “or” from the foot, “but realized one thing – the body will tell. I myself now run with
mixed technique: on the warm-up and the first time on the toes, when the eggs become tired –
I switch to the heel. There is another method that relaxes the caviar well during running – when lifting the leg and moving back, toss the sock even further back so that the caviar is completely relaxed. And ran in the morning when more, when less. After some time I realized that I could run more – somehow the fatigue was gone. He was running at an easy pace by the time he had already been a month and a half. It was necessary to somehow intensify.

Two weeks ago he went to the stadium, he’s good at his side and is still open. There rubber coating and running easier. That’s probably why, after four or five laps, I thought – do not give a fiver? the fact is that I do not feel fatigue as such – all the unpleasant sensations are manifested in other places, but as the legs are carried, the rest can be tolerated. Moreover, there is a step. He ran about five, did not die, but felt very good – he was not choking, his heart was not jumping out (I think we should start to measure the pulse somehow). Approximately – because I went to the step three times. I did not record a run; there was no purpose, I do not even remember the time.

After that I managed to get sick, skip some training because of the rain, and start running again. And now, thanks to the weather, I decided to run the honest five, not for a while, but without stopping. Immediately I say – it turned out with only one, thirty steps. I do not know what it was connected with, but I began to run with great difficulty. There was a feeling that the muscles were about to kill. At the second kilometer I thought to finish – not for the cow running. On the third, everything was straightened. On the fourth, it was already stupid, and fatigue was not increased. When the fifth kilometer passed, I realized that I could still, and stopped. The plan must be carried out, and overfulfilment of the plan violates all the harmony of the production process (this is me about my own). And I also heard about the “euphoria of the runner”, and I have all the euphoria in the past.
In the process of running, the legs expressed complete unanimity with the restless head, the liver was a little perturbed and the jogs began to snap to the end. The heart was not noticed with concern. After a shower, he lay down and turned off for twenty minutes, woke up like a new one, the next day no consequences.
Running time ~ 40 minutes, a little faster than walking. But, I repeat, without consequences for the body, and this is important. Now I will gradually increase the tempo to 30 minutes, then increase the distance, too, not much. The main thing is pleasure. As it was said in one film: “Health does not need to be strengthened – it must be protected!”.

So, summary:

1. Begin to run when there is nothing to do and preferably in a warm sunny place.
2. Running is cool. Repeat this yourself 10 times, three times a day for
of the week. Then do not stop.
3. Buy good shoes at once.
4. Never run “on the moral-strong-willed.” Tired – go to step. Zabilas
caviar – go to the step. 5. To begin, run for 15 minutes at a very easy pace.
6. Choose a training mode and do not violate it. Twice a week – ok, three –
well, but let it be exactly three.
7. Allow yourself to run without conditions – it’s the easiest. Just tell yourself
– I run regardless of the length of sleep, weather and condition (within reasonable limits), cases for today, etc.
8. Increase the load only when the legs prompt: “And give another
circle? “.
9. Did I mention that it’s cool to run?
10. Be sure to arrange with the family: over time, the race will take time
more and more, the morning shower in the “rush hour”, long workouts at the weekend – it’s all
must be agreed. In the end, married / marrying a husband is not for a runner.

Now about the training. At different times I tried different programs for android and did not find it ideal for me. I will not describe in detail the interfaces and features – on the network it’s all there. I will write short practical impressions. Perhaps, I did not take something into account, but I do not want to spend a lot of time studying the functional; The main goal is to run, but not to understand the intricacies of software.

ADIDAS adidas miCoach:

A program that would be perfect if not for one big BUT: it does not start recording a workout before turning on the GPS. Those. It is necessary to wait for the appearance of satellites, and then to press “let’s go”. However, the program has a very big plus – training programs in Russian with the appropriate voice guidance. At the initial stage, this did not help me much, I will try to use it for long workouts to accelerate by 5 km.

Pictures (in this case, by mistake, included walking):

Easy-to-use “included and forgotten” program from Nike +

Only in English, you can not draw up an arbitrary training plan. But when you start it does not wait for the activation of the GPS – if it does not turn on right away, it’s a runner problem that can not wait for the program, but just run right away.

The following program was put simply out of interest

I did not find anything special in it, everything is the same as in the first two. Except that the voice accompaniment is most incoherent, but about the 5th kilometer she forgot to tell me 🙂 And I could not upload the data to the server – all the time it was reported that the prevention was going on and the server was unavailable.

What can be noted after two months of regular running? I did not feel any additional energy, just as 10 years ago, 6 hours of sleep was not enough. “Brain” breakthrough from a more intensive blood circulation has not happened yet, but the motivation (see above) is very strong. If everything goes the way you want – next year I’ll run 10 km, and then a half marathon can be swung;)

PS: Our state should try every 10 days to twist the social network “Drugs – for losers” and “Running is cool, because it increases the duration of communication with girls” (this phrase is tricky, because this text can read my daughter: )