REVIEW: Chris McCormack (Mack) “I’m here to win”

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Chris McCormack (or better known as Mack) – stands on top of the pantheon of the “gods” of the modern triathlon. This is a unique athlete who tells in this wonderful book about his life’s path – not only about sports, but about the family.

About Triathlon

A little bit about what McKe achieved during his long professional career, which, by the way, is not over yet!

He won 76% of triathlon competitions (more than 200, counting from 1993). He took a place on the pedestal in 88% of the competitions.

At the time of writing, the book won twelve wins in the Ironman races (a one-day race, which includes 4 km of voyage, a 180 km race and a 42 km marathon). Four times passed the distance Ironman faster than 8 hours, moreover on two different types of route. Twice he won the chief Ironman in Hawaii (in 2007 and 2010).

Conquered titles:

ITU Triathlon World Champion
ITU World Cup series Champion
Second place with a minimum margin, ITU World Cup series
Four-time champion, ITU World Cup Japan
Champion ITU World Cup Canada
Champion ITU World Cup Switzerland
Number 1 in the world rating ITU
Champion Goodwill Games Triathlon
Two-time USA Professional Triathlon Champion
Champion Australian Triathlon
Champion Oceania Triathlon
Fourteen national championships, including France, Switzerland, Australia, and the United States
Champion Australian Sprint Triathlon
Four-time winner of “Escape from Alcatraz”
Two-time champion Mrs. T’s Chicago Triathlon
Three-time champion San Diego International Triathlon
Two-time champion San Jose International Triathlon
Two-time champion of Los Angeles Triathlon
Seven titles at the French Grand Prix
European Champion in Triathlon
Five-time holder of the title International Triathlete of the Year
Four-time winner of the title Competitor of the Year
Winner of the title ESPN World’s Fittest Man

The author tells how this sport began and where it goes today from the professional point of view. It’s interesting to see how professional athletes live, who spend 3/4 of their life traveling and training. It was especially interesting for me personally to learn the attitude of the superstar of the hardest Ironman to doping and illegal drugs – because we absolutely do not know anything about that!

Macka considers Coca-Cola the best sports drink!

And the book is just overflowing with the advice of a professional triathlonist – about training, psychological preparation, nutrition and much more.

About lifhhaking

Chris is a real life hacker! He pays much attention to the theme of “mind games” – the personal system of Mackie, which allowed him to defeat those he could not physically overcome. Macka is a master of public speaking, guided scandals and demoralizing rivals. All this can be applied in real life, believe me …

About pain

Triathlon, like any professional sport, is a test of pain. Macka often talks about pain, about how to take it, how to talk to her and what kind of relationship should be with her, especially if you have to endure her 8 or more hours of the race full of Ironman.

By the way, Makka claims that he has never been seriously injured. Many beginning runners (there are a lot of readers of this blog too) complain of pain and trauma. Makomark believes that this is from unnecessary overtraining and self-deception.

If at least one of the topics of the book is interesting to you, then read it. At me it has gone on one breath. It’s not often you can directly get the thoughts and memories of a star of this level!

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