Training climber from Yegor Woodward

Yegor Woodward. Rock climbing

When I started to study, I was sure: it is radically different from what I tried before (sports past is available). In the end, it turned out. When you are on a route on a rock, you are fighting with your fears, laziness, should concentrate as much as possible and so on. Plus it’s just incredibly cool! And this is a great pastime in nature: you can climb for the fan (easy routes), but you can cut on difficult routes and try to raise the category. For the report, you can climb with the top insurance, and when you disrupt you just hang on the rope. But we climb almost always with the bottom insurance – at a break you fly a few meters down. Yes, it’s more dangerous, more terrible. When you make a difficult interception or your hands are hammered, this fear of failure stops you and creates a barrier.


It is necessary to train not only hands. Simply, it turns out that the upper part of the hull is developed by climbers more: 80% of the load is on hands. But exercises on the muscles of the cortex and legs also exist.

Standard training can look like this:

  • Warm-up, stretching.
  • Push-ups from the floor, feet on the hill narrowly and widely – four approaches 10 times.
  • Pulling on the crossbar with a narrow and wide grip for 10 times – four approaches (two narrow and two wide).
  • “Pistoletik” – two approaches 10 times.
  • Vises on the hooks – on sloping, holes, small activists (types of hooks) – two approaches for each hanging, rest is equal to the time of hanging.
  • The manual on the hooks for six interceptions – five manuals, rest for 2 minutes.
  • Lasagne. Bouldering (a kind of climbing without a rope) – not less than an hour, breaks are not enough.
  • Hitch. Pulling on the hooks. Five pairs of hooks for five pull-ups on each pair, rest for 5-7 seconds between pull-ups – this is one circle. There are usually four such laps. Rest between circles – 2 minutes.
  • Press. Lying bend the torso, without lifting the loins from the floor, – 20 repetitions. Lower press – lifting of legs, 20 repetitions. There are three approaches.

Still there is a campus (training ground), where the climber spends a lot of time. There you can pull up, hang, climb – in general, find a lot of work.

Campus can be seen in the second minute of this video with training for climbers.

Limiter in training can be a general physical condition and skin on the fingers (it has a feature to wear off). If you climb on rocks, then it happens faster. On request climbers fingers the search engine will give out a bunch of filth. 🙂 It’s necessary to climb with magnesia and without rings on your fingers!

If you want to start

Try to advise everyone who thinks. Just take the instructor and go for the first time to a high stand with a rope, do not try immediately bouldering. With safety, rock climbing is not a traumatic and not dangerous sport. Of course, if you are not going to climb alone.