Unusual training: how to pump the press with dumbbells and a medbola

In this training, the exercises on the press alternate with movements in which all the muscles of the cortex participate. This allows you to exclude forced rest due to muscle failure, to pump the muscles of the stomach and the cortex and improve the balance.

Slump sideways

How to inflate a press: lunge with a slant sideways

This exercise pumps the hips and muscles of the bark, which have to stabilize the body during the tilt.

Technique of execution

Stand up straight, keep dumbbells above your head on outstretched hands, palms facing each other. Back off, put your knee on the floor. Tilt the body and hands to the side in front of the standing leg. Return the straight position of the body and, without lowering the hands, go to the starting position.

Repeat the exercise in the opposite direction. Do eight repetitions in each direction.

Rolling dumbbells under you

How to pump up a press: rolling dumbbells

This exercise feels like a blow to the stomach. The muscles of the arms and legs are also loaded.

Technique of execution

Place your hands on the floor, step on the dumbbell bar with one foot. Roll the dumbbell under your foot farther from the arms, while simultaneously bend the other leg and bring the knee to the body. Roll the dumbbell back, closer to your arms, while pulling the other leg back.

Execute eight times and repeat with the other foot.

Staggering with a dumbbell in one hand

How to inflate a press: pacing with a dumbbell in one hand

This exercise creates conditions for instability. The dumbbell outweighs you on one side, so besides the hips the muscles of the cortex are included in the work.

Technique of execution

Stand next to the curbstone for jumping. Take the dumbbell in the right arm, bend it at the elbow, holding the dumbbell next to the shoulder. Step on the cuff with your left foot, while simultaneously bringing forward the bent right knee and squeezing the dumbbell above your head. Go down to the floor, returning the dumbbell to your shoulder, and repeat.

Perform eight times with each leg. When you change your leg, shift the dumbbell to the other hand.

Exercise “Wiper”

This exercise heavily loads the press and oblique abdominal muscles.

Technique of execution

Take the initial position: lie on your back, lift your legs so that they are perpendicular to the floor, between the ankles, hold down the medallion, pull the right hand with the dumbbell in front of him, and put the left hand on the floor. Lower your arm with the dumbbell to the right side, and your legs to the left. Go back to the starting position and repeat.

Execute the exercise eight times and change the side. Now the dumbbell will be in the left hand, and the legs will fall to the right.

Thrust of dumbbells in the bar

How to pump up a press: pulling dumbbells in the bar

This exercise pumps the arms and muscles of the bark, which strain to stabilize the body.

Technique of execution

Stand in the bar by placing your hands on the dumbbells. While maintaining balance, follow the pull of the dumbbell with your right hand.

Perform eight times with each hand.

Lumberjack with a dumbbell

How to pump up a press:

This exercise is often performed in a crossover or with a medbol, but you can also do it with dumbbells.

Technique of execution

Put your feet wider than your shoulders, pick up a dumbbell. Unfold the body to the right, pull out the dumbbell on the outstretched hands above the right shoulder. During the turn, the left heel breaks away from the floor, and the leg scrolls on the toe, helping you to rotate the body better. Turn the body to the left, diagonally, move the dumbbell to the left knee, simultaneously leaving for the squat.

Repeat the exercise eight times in each direction.

Bicycle with dumbbells

How to pump up a press:

This is a complicated version of the exercise “Bike”, in which not only the press and legs, but also the hands work.

Technique of execution

Lie on your back, pick up dumbbells. Raise your straight legs and back, keep your arms and dumbbells next to your shoulders. At the same time, bend the right leg in the knee and straighten the left arm. Then bend the left leg and straighten the right arm.

Change your legs 16 times, try to keep your back straight as far as possible.

Folding with medallion

How to inflate a press: a fold with a medallion

This exercise pumps the muscles of the press well, and the muscles of the arms and legs tighten at the expense of the medbola.

Technique of execution

Lay down on the floor on your back, pick up the medbol and hold it over your head in outstretched arms, lift your legs to the right angle with the floor. Raise your arms and upper back and hold the medallion between your ankles. Lower your legs so that the medallion touches the floor. Hands and upper back at this time remain raised. Raise your feet with the medallion and again take the ball in your hands.

Repeat the exercise 10 times.

You can incorporate these exercises into your workout by replacing the usual twists with a press, or doing all eight as an independent exercise for the muscles of the bark.

To increase efficiency, do exercises without rest as one circle. Depending on your abilities, make 1-3 circles.