10 shorteners for links to the replacement of Goo.gl

In Google, they believe that the link abbreviation does an excellent job, but its time has passed. All previously created links in Goo.gl will continue to work even after the service is closed. Moreover, you can track statistics in the console from Google until March 30, 2019.

However, you still have to look for a new tool for shortening links. Here are the services that will cope well with this task.

1. Is.gd


A free shortcut shortcut has a minimum of features and a simple interface. To track statistics, do not register, just click on I want to see statistics for this URL under the link.

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2. To.click


Lifkhaker already talked about this service. Excellent functional cutter with fast redirect and detailed statistics.

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3. Bit.do


Reducer links from the Brazilian company Insite. The service will please with detailed statistics, as well as the ability to specify a name for the link and even create your own domain. For the last, however, have to pay.

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4. Tiny URL

Tiny URL

One of the veterans of the contracting business. A simple and convenient service that has served faith and truth for many years.

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5. Ow.ly


Service from the platform postponed posting Hootsuite. To use the abbreviation, you have to register in the service. If you plan to use it only for shortening the links, choose a free rate.

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6. U.to


A simple Russian-language service. To view statistics, you will have to register. You can do without it, if you just want to shorten the link.

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7. Cutt.us


This service is noteworthy in that it is possible to create several links at once.

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8. Vk.com/cc


A convenient shortcut for links from the social network “VKontakte”. True, it is available only for registered users.

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9. Clck.ru


The most simple and convenient service from “Yandex”. In addition to the short link, it also creates a QR code.

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10. Mcaf.ee


Service from a major antivirus software vendor. With it, you can not only reduce the link, but also guarantee users security.

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Share in the comments, what services you use to shorten the links.