38 keyboard shortcuts that work in any browser

Most recently, we reviewed the main keyboard shortcuts for working with text. And today we want to remind you, and for some users it is possible to open, quick keys for productive work on the Internet. We have collected for you the basic keyboard shortcuts that work regardless of the name of the browser that you use.

Having mastered these simple tricks you will be able to kill three birds with one stone: significantly increase labor productivity, amaze everyone around you with your hacking skills, well, you can safely continue surfing even with a broken mouse. It is not necessary to learn the entire list by heart – it’s enough just to find several operations that you do most often, and try to use hot keys for this. Saved on this second will very quickly return to you for hours of extra free time.

Working with tabs

Ctrl + 1-8 – Switch to a tab whose position on the tab bar corresponds to the number you pressed.

Ctrl + 9 – Switch to the last tab regardless of its number.

Ctrl + Tab – Switch to the next tab, that is, one right.

Ctrl + Shift + Tab – Switch to the previous tab, that is, one left.

Ctrl + WCtrl + F4 – Close the current tab.

Ctrl + Shift + T – Reopen the last closed tab.

Ctrl + T – Open a new tab.

Ctrl + N – Open a new browser window.


Alt + Left Arrow, Backspace – Back.

Alt + Right Arrow, Shift + Backspace – Forward.

F5 – Refresh.

Ctrl + F5 – Refresh with ignore the cache, that is, load the page with a new one.

Escape – Stop the download.

Alt + Home – Open the home page.


Ctrl+”+”, Ctrl + Mouse wheel up – Click to enlarge.

Ctrl+”-“, Ctrl + Mouse wheel down – Zoom out.

Ctrl + 0 – Return the original scale.

F11 – Full screen mode.


SpacePage Down – One screen down.

Shift + Space, Page Up – One screen up.

Home – To the top of the page.

End – At the bottom of the page.

Address bar

Ctrl + LAlt + DF6 – Select the text in the address bar.

Ctrl + Enter – Automatically adds www. to the beginning and .com at the end of the word you typed and open this page.

Alt + Enter – Opens the typed address in a new tab.


Ctrl + KCtrl + E – Focus on the browser’s built-in search field to enter a query.

Alt + Enter – Open search results in a new tab.

Ctrl + FF3 – Open the search tool on the current page.

Ctrl + GF3 – Find the next value when searching through the page.

Ctrl + Shift + GShift + F3 – Find the previous value when searching by page.

History bookmarks

Ctrl + H – Open the history view.

Ctrl + J – Open the download.

Ctrl + D – Bookmark this site

Ctrl + Shift + Del – Open the tool for clearing history, cache, downloads, etc.

Other Functions

Ctrl + P – Print the current page.

Ctrl + S – Save the page to the hard disk.

Ctrl + O – Open file.

Ctrl + U – View the code of the current page. (Except IE).