9 Temporary Email Services

Quite often you need to register on some site, which you plan to use only once. Forums, blogs, file sharing and even some common Wi-Fi points ask for your email address. Then you find out that your box is full of spam, promo posts and other nonsense that you are sent from everywhere where you registered.

Temporary e-mail services are designed to solve this problem. With the help of one-time mailboxes you can register where you need, without worrying that you will be annoyed by unwanted correspondence.

Please note that some sites and forums do not allow the use of temporary e-mail when registering. You can bypass this restriction by trying to select a different mail domain.

1. TrashMail

Temporary email: TrashMail

A popular one-time email service. To use it, you need to specify your real mail address, where messages will be sent. The number of messages sent can be adjusted. In addition, you can choose how long a temporary mailbox will function.

Registration in TrashMail is optional, but registered users can create multiple temporary addresses. You can choose one of 16 email domains.

If you need a lot of one-time mailing addresses, you can register a TrashMail Plus account for $ 21.99 a year. A paid account allows you to create up to 5,000 temporary email addresses with an unlimited number of forwarded messages.

TrashMail has extensions for Chrome and Firefox, which facilitate quick registration.

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2. Guerrilla Mail

Temporary email: Guerrilla Mail

Guerrilla Mail – one of the oldest providers of one-time e-mail, functioning since 2006. Unlike TrashMail, Guerrilla Mail does not allow you to create multiple email addresses and does not request your real email.

The received address will be valid only for an hour. But Guerrilla Mail is much easier to use and absolutely free.

In addition to the web interface, there is an application for Android.

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3. nada

Temporary email: nada

nada is a one-time mail service from the creators of AirMail, a popular email client for Mac and iPhone. nada does not require registration or indication of a real address. In addition, the service is absolutely free.

nada allows you to create up to 10 addresses at a time. You can use a randomly generated address or create your own by selecting from ten mail domains.

Received service messages are stored for a week. The number of attachments in incoming letters is not limited.

Mobile version of the web interface nada allows you to work with the service on any smartphone running Android and iOS.

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4. DropMail

Temporary email: DropMail

Easy to use one-time mail service. The working time of the created mailbox is unlimited, the address is available until you refresh the page. In addition, you can create an infinite number of mailboxes.

DropMail is equipped with a built-in forwarding function, so you can make your temporary address permanent if necessary. DropMail works very fast and does not require registration.

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5. Mailinator

Temporary email: Mailinator

Mailinator has one feature. When creating a one-time mailbox, you can enter any address. If it is already occupied, you can still use it. You can read all the letters in boxes created by other users. They too can read your letters. So Mailinator should not be used when registering on really important sites and forums.

If necessary, you can register for Mailinator, making your temporary boxes private and inaccessible to other users. In addition, the service provides special tariff plans for developers and businesses, but for personal use, a free version is also enough.

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6. Fake Mail Generator

Temporary email: Fake Mail Generator

This is a popular and free one-time email provider. Fake Mail Generator allows you to come up with your mailing address and choose one of ten domains. The duration of the mailbox is 24 hours.

Like Mailinator, Fake Mail Generator allows all users to read letters in any one-time mailboxes if their address is known.

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7. Temp Mail

Temporary email: Temp Mail

Temp Mail is a fairly well known one-time mail service. It is very simple and virtually devoid of settings. Just open it and copy your temporary mailing address. Your mailbox is valid until you delete it, but all received messages disappear within an hour.

In addition to the web interface, you can interact with the service through extensions for Chrome, Firefox and Opera, as well as through applications for Android and iOS.

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8. Crazy Mailing

Temporary email: Crazy Mailing

Crazy Mailing creates for you a randomly generated address that will be deleted after ten minutes.

Registration is optional, but it offers several additional options: extending the address for more than ten minutes, sending letters to your real mail, creating several one-time addresses at the same time.

You can work with the service using the web interface or extensions for Chrome and Firefox.

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9. 10MinuteMail

Temporary email: 10MinuteMail

10MinuteMail differs from most similar services in that it is possible to respond to received emails. In addition, they can be forwarded to your real mail address.

To use 10MinuteMail, you do not need to register. Just open the service in the browser and copy the created address. For each user it is unique, so that no one else will be able to read your letters.

As the name of the service implies, the mailboxes live here for ten minutes. But if necessary, you can extend this period. The service is absolutely free.

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