Fuchsia OS – a new system from Google, which will replace Android

The first information that Google is developing a new mobile operating system, appeared a few months ago. Then it became known only the name Fuchsia OS and the fact that it will have a completely new kernel that does not use Linux code, unlike Android.

Now the web has additional information about the mysterious development of Google. First of all, it became clear that Fuchsia OS is not only a new kernel, but an entirely new graphical shell. She was given the code name Armadillo. Here is a small video that demonstrates its appearance and work.

Of course, this is not even a test version of Fuchsia OS, so the final design and functionality can be very different. However, it seems that Google finally decided to push all third-party applications somewhere in the background, and focus on their services.

The user interface is centered around a vertically scrolling home screen, on which news, maps, pictures, weather and other company services are located. It looks and works like Google Now, which takes control of your smartphone.

Fuchsia OS 1

An interesting feature of the new operating system is the ability to work in a multi-window mode. Judging by the available information, the screen can be divided not only into two parts, as it is now done in Android Nougat, but in any other convenient ratio to you. Thus, Fuchsia OS will, most likely, be perfectly adapted for use on tablets and even laptops.

All the above information is preliminary and gives only the most general impression about the upcoming Fuchsia OS. We hope that Google will share additional information at the nearest developer conference. In any case, until the final release of the new operating system will still be a long time.