Looksery – photo application for fans of experiments

App Store now has many applications dedicated to photography. And we wrote about many of them. They allow you to take a picture beautiful, bright, memorable, apply various interesting filters and share your photos in social networks.

But there are applications that are made by developers just to please us with you. To such creations concerns Looksery. This application will allow you instantly impose on your face one of the presented masks, take a photo or record a short movie and then send it to your friend.

photo 1photo 4

Masks can be changed during and after shooting. In addition, in Looksery there are various filters that allow you to adjust the already captured video. There is also the opportunity to make your face thin, and your eyes – more.

photo 2photo 3

Among the masks you will find not only simple, changing the color of your eyes, but also different little animals that will move in accordance with the movements of your own head.

Of the shortcomings, I noticed some slowing down of the application, well, it’s not surprising, because I shot on the iPhone 4. And also some bugs, for example, when the eye color changed right during shooting, which is clearly visible on the video.

In general, very interesting, funny, and most importantly, a free application. Download, try, share your creations with friends!