Nebia is a project of an economical soul, in which Tim Cook himself invested

Not so long ago the world gasped and gasped at the sight of Bill Gates, who sips from the glass the water obtained after filtering the products of human life. The spectacle is creepy and uncomfortable, but it is it that makes it clear the true price of drinking water.

And more recently it became known that the head of Apple, too, was seriously puzzled by the global problem and made a personal financial contribution to the development of Nebia – the prototype of an economical shower for the home. In the same way, other well-known investors entered, as well as thousands of people on the Kookstarter crowdsfund site. As a result, the startup received more than $ 2 million, although only 100,000 were required.

It can be safely assumed that not all future owners of Nebia are concerned about saving the water itself. Rather, they care about utility bills. And not without reason, because the payback period of the shower is less than two years at a “store” price of 399 dollars. According to the calculations of developers, the savings for the average family in the US will be about 230 dollars a year. And if you do pre-order, then the profit will be a little closer.

Whence such figures? Unlike the familiar shower, Nebia sprays a spray of millions of tiny droplets, using 70% less water. And the area of ​​the surface to be coated is increased 10 times.

Economical shower Nebia

Plumbing is made of high-quality durable materials. Nebia was created with a focus on visual beauty, convenience and functionality. Aspiring to the ideal, engineers and designers created hundreds of prototypes and seem to have found the best option.

Shower Nebia saves water and money

On this the advantages of the advanced soul do not end. We can not fail to mention that the device promises a completely different level of comfort and satisfaction from the daily water routine.

A warm and cozy fog envelops the skin, providing enough water to make you feel clean and refreshed. The feeling of Nebia remains for a long time with you after you leave the bathroom. Your skin smells sweet, your hair shines, and your muscles relax. There is no better way to start the day.


Some foreign bloggers tested Nebia on themselves and, first, agreed that the shower looks very modern and stylish. Secondly, they found it potentially breakthrough. Thirdly, all noted unusual (and rather unaccustomed) sensations, which they still liked. Some of the testers were completely indescribable. It seems that the words of the creators here are not divorced from the case.

Of course, with our tariffs for water, even such a significant savings will fend off long enough. Therefore, Nebia is likely to be interested in fans of unusual tricks and / or non-standard experience, as well as business owners whose clients or employees consume large amounts of water. For example, this is already done in Google.

Are you ready to give four hundred dollars for a shower?