Sync Google Calendar with iCal

The other day, Google added CalDAV support to its calendar service. This means that users have a fairly convenient way to synchronize events between Google Calendar and iCal (updated: iCal version 3.x, i.e. you need Leopard).

Adding synchronization is easy. Open iCal, go to Preferences (⌘,), then to the Accounts section. Specify a description (for example, gCalendar), login for access to Google Calendar (e-mail address: [email protected]), password. In the Account URL field, you should write:[email protected]/ user (where after dav and before / user your login is specified in Google). Data synchronization will take 5-7 minutes, but in my case everything was much faster – 1 minute. The described method is also suitable for users of Google Apps.

Unfortunately, reminders, tasks (ToDo) are not synchronized, errors occur when changing the name of the calendar or color. There are other drawbacks. But in principle, even in this form, you can work. 🙂