10 Reasons to Visit Ireland

1. The Dublin Castle

Government building complex in Dublin
Flickr.com/William Murphy

This castle was created as the strengthening of Dublin. Then became the residence of the king, after – the residence of the governors of the English crown. Once in the castle housed the parliament and the courts. Today it is a government building.

2. Newgrange

The most cult building on the planet

Newgrange is one of the most iconic buildings on our planet. The building dates back to around 3000 BC.

3. St. Patrick’s Cathedral

The largest cathedral in Ireland

The largest cathedral of Dublin and Ireland is St. Patrick’s Cathedral. At one time he was ruled by the famous philosopher, writer and poet Jonathan Swift. The first mention occurs in 1191.

4. Guinness Brewery

The place where Guinness is brewed
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The most famous beer in the world is Guinness. This beer is a symbol of Ireland. You have the opportunity to visit the museum and at the same time the brewery.

5. The Dublin Needle

Monument Dublin Needle
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The Monument of Light, or the Dublin Needle, is a monument of steel that is made in the form of a needle. The height of this monument is 120 meters. Earlier at this place was a monument to Admiral Nelson. But it was blown up by the fighters of the IRA.

6. Phoenix Park in Dublin

Phoenix Park in Dublin

One of the largest city parks in the world is the Phoenix Park in Dublin. In the territory of this park you can see hundreds of deer, castle and even a zoo. Also here is the Papal Cross in memory of the arrival of Pope John Paul II.

7. Cliffs of Moher

Natural landmark of Ireland

One of the most beautiful sights of Ireland is the Moher cliffs. Their height is 200 meters, and the length is 8 kilometers.

8. Bunratti Castle

Beautiful castle in Ireland

Bunratty Castle is a unique structure. It preserved the atmosphere of 500 years ago. This is not found almost anywhere. Also there is a very beautiful park.

9. The Garden of Memories

Beautiful park in Dublin

This park has a memorial in memory of all those who died for the freedom of the Irish people. A lot of wide avenues, chic trees and a huge number of plants.

10. The Book of Kells

This book is more than a thousand years old. It was created by the Irish monks supposedly in the year 800. Contains four Gospels in Latin. Stored in the library of Trinity College in Dublin.

Successful acquaintance with Ireland. If you already were in this country, share your impressions and interesting places in the comments.