10 reasons to visit the USA

We have already talked about many European countries and the reasons for visiting them. It’s time to move to other continents. Naturally, it’s worth starting with the most popular country in the world – the US. Despite the difficulties in obtaining a visa, many of our compatriots endlessly flow to the United States. Someone permanently, and some go in the role of tourists. We do not call for a move to one of the most developed countries in the world, but it’s worth looking at it. But why – read the article.

1. New York

Those who watch the series “Force Majeure” (Suits), probably already had time to love New York. Such wonderful kinds of “Big Apple” I do not remember in any film or series. Statue of Liberty, Manhattan, Empire State Building, many museums. View in New York really is that. Boutiques, opera or parties. Everyone can find a rest that he likes.

2. The Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon
Flickr.com/Mark Betts

The wind and two rivers created a beautiful springboard for the Grand Canyon National Park. Almost 5,000 square kilometers of unimaginable landscape created by nature itself. Finding this is hard enough, because this is one of the deepest canyons in the world.

3. Las Vegas

Las Vegas
Flickr.com/Edin Chavez

Beautiful casino, casino and once again casino. But not only. There are still many miniatures of various world sights. Why not try fate?

4. Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls
Viktor Shilo

This complex of waterfalls is probably the most popular in the world. Three waterfalls separate the USA from Canada, and specifically the State of New York from the province of Ontario. Interesting fact: the waterfall rises annually upstream by 30 cm. Earlier this figure was 1.5 m, and the retreat of water slowed the construction of a bypass channel and a power station.

5. Hollywood

Flickr.com/Have fun SVO

Hollywood. World popularity. And just the Los Angeles area. A lot of film studios contributed to the fact that even the children knew the word “Hollywood”. Now he is experiencing gentrification – updated and reconstructed previously unpopular quarters of Hollywood.

6. Alcatraz


It’s a small island in San Francisco. Previously used as a defensive port, later became a military prison. And in the 20-ies of the last century on the island housed a federal prison for extremely dangerous criminals. Officially, nobody escaped from her. But five people, who tried to escape, were missing. In this prison sat the famous Al Capone. At the moment, the prison is used as a museum.

7. The Pentagon

Flickr.com/David B.Gleason

The largest office building in the world. Despite the fact that the US Department of Defense is located there, excursions are conducted by the Pentagon. True, you need to register in advance. All you need to visit such an important building is your passport.

8. The Madame Tussauds Museum

Madame Tussauds museum
Flickr.com/ InSapphoWeTrust

A popular wax museum is located in the city of Los Angeles. Which is very logical, it’s a city of movie stars. In this museum visitors more than in the museum in London. The museum works until late two in the morning.

9. Disneyland

Flickr.com/Tom Bricker

The largest amusement park in California. This is the first park of similar, it was built in 1955. Every year about 15 million people visit it, and 600 million people have visited it in its history.

10. Chinatown of San Francisco


Little China in America. Chinatown in San Francisco is the largest residence of Chinese with such density. Not considering China, of course. This area is more than 150 years old. Now there live 200 thousand citizens of China.

If you think that it is not written about very important places and places of interest, describe these places in the comments.