Souvenirs from Europe, which do not take up much space in luggage


Albania is famous for its silverware. Prices for this metal, as a rule, remain almost unchanged. Go to the flea market to find cheap and beautiful silver jewelry.

souvenirs from Europe: Albania
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This pygmy state, located in the Eastern Pyrenees, is a tax haven. Due to the lack of tax, even luxury goods can be bought in Andorra much cheaper. If you do not pursue brands, bring home jerky, jamon or morsil.

souvenirs from Europe: Andorra
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In Armenian markets, you can buy many souvenirs with a pomegranate – the national symbol of the country. If you prefer something more sentimental, get everyone the famous churchkhela.

souvenirs from Europe: Armenia
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In any supermarket in Austria you will find sweets “Mozartkugel” (Mozartkugel), which in German means “Mozart ball”. It is a marzipan in a nougat shell covered with chocolate. Sweets wrapped in foil with the image of a famous composer. The confectionery in which this dessert was invented is in Salzburg, Mozart’s hometown.

souvenirs from Europe: Austria
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The most popular souvenirs from Azerbaijan are copper utensils and glasses for pear-shaped tea, which are called armuads. Among the more miniature souvenirs you can choose a tablecloth or carpet track with a national pattern of buta.

souvenirs from Europe: Azerbaijan
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In Belarus, straw symbolizes joy and prosperity. It is believed that it contains the energy of the sun and can transmit to people the power of nature. Therefore, a wonderful souvenir from this country will be home accessories and amulets made of straw.

souvenirs from Europe: Belarus
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Belgian chocolate is famous throughout the world. However, to deliver it home intact and safe is very problematic. Instead, buy speculos – a spicy crispy biscuit with the addition of brown sugar and spices.

souvenirs from Europe: Belgium
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It is unlikely that you will come up with the idea of ​​buying slippers as a souvenir. However, traditional Bulgarian side tables will warm you and your memories. These multi-colored knitted woolen slippers will be a wonderful gift from this country.

souvenirs from Europe: Bulgaria
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Bosnia and Herzegovina

In the central market of Kujundžiluk in Mostar you can find a lot of home-made goods and beautiful lanterns made of colored glass. But if they seem too big to you, the market offers a large selection of various souvenirs.

souvenirs from Europe: Bosnia and Herzegovina
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United Kingdom

Of course, tea will become a wonderful souvenir.

souvenirs from Europe: Great Britain
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Hungarians are masters in creating riddles. Cube Rubik, for example, was invented in this country. A wonderful souvenir will be a casket with a secret. It will not open until all of its parts are aligned in the correct order. There are both large and small boxes.

Publication from Susan Istvan Bondi (@transylvanyart)


In Germany, a large selection of cute Christmas decorations for the house, which are sold even in the summer. If you like sweets, then you should definitely buy Nuremberg cakes Lebkuchen. Very often they are made in the form of a heart.

souvenirs from Europe: Germany
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If olive oil and ouzo drink do not fit in your luggage, buy spices or fresh herbs. For example, oregano or rosemary.

souvenirs from Europe: Greece
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At flea markets and in Denmark shops you can buy all kinds of products with Scandinavian designs for every taste. A wonderful souvenir will be the figure of the brown-haired Nissa – a character of Scandinavian folklore. You can recognize him by a pointed red hat.

souvenirs from Europe: Denmark
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From Iceland you can bring wonderful jewelry made of volcanic stone.

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The Claddagh Ring is a traditional Irish ring, symbolizing love and friendship. It is made in the form of hands that hold the crowned heart. Depending on the direction of the heart and on what hand the ring is worn on, you can find out the details of the owner’s private life.

souvenirs from Europe: Ireland
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From Spain you can bring saffron. It will give the dishes a golden color and a stunning flavor.

souvenirs from Europe: Spain
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In the Roman store Gammarelli you can buy a very unusual souvenir. This is the favorite purple socks of the Pope. The Gammarelli family has been dressing Italian church officials for over 200 years.

souvenirs from Europe: Italy
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In the village of Lefkara, local craftsmen create an amazing beauty of Lefkara lace. It is rightly considered the national treasure of Cyprus. You can buy napkins, garments, tablecloths, umbrellas and much more.

souvenirs from Europe: Cyprus
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The Baltic region is famous for products made of amber. Therefore in Latvia you will find a wide choice of amber ornaments.

souvenirs from Europe: Latvia
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One of the national crafts of Lithuania is artistic carving on paper. Such a souvenir will not take a lot of place in the luggage.

souvenirs from Europe: Lithuania
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Liechtenstein is the sixth smallest country in the world. The best souvenir from there is an accessory with the attributes of the country.

souvenirs from Europe: Liechtenstein
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The country borders on Belgium, which is known for chocolate. However, Luxembourg can boast a very rich history of this delicacy. There are chocolate shops there on every corner.

souvenirs from Europe: Luxembourg
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Thanks to the warm climate in the country, many plants and herbs grow. Hence, a lot of fragrant spices can be brought from Macedonia.

souvenirs from Europe: Macedonia
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A local delicacy is the Maltese nougat. With this gift you can pamper yourself and your loved ones.

souvenirs from Europe: Malta
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From Moldova you can bring a colorful handmade bag called Traistă. Initially, they were used to carry goods from the market home.

Publication from Made in Moldova (@ madein.moldova)


Over the years, the economy of the country is supported by numerous casinos. If you are looking for an unusual souvenir, bring to the memory of playing chips.

souvenirs from Europe: Monaco
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In addition to the magnet in the form of a tulip, bring stropvafli. These are wafers made from thin layers of dough with caramel filling. To caramel melted, and wafers are even more delicious, they cover a mug of coffee or tea.

souvenirs from Europe: Netherlands
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Knits with a traditional Norwegian pattern are copied all over the world. But, of course, nothing will replace the original.

Publication from Susan Fosse (@susanfosse)


Local people are proud of their linen products. As a souvenir, you can buy napkins, tablecloths and other products made from flax.

souvenirs from Europe: Poland
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In Portugal, a lot of cork oaks. Therefore, the country is the leading exporter of cork bark. Of this material, many unusual things are made, for example bags.

souvenirs from Europe: Portugal
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A cap of sheepskin, which the locals call Căciulă, is a traditional Balkan hat. Modern Romanian designers give this hat a new look.

souvenirs from Europe: Romania
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San marino

Some of the country’s most popular souvenirs are collectible stamps and coins.

souvenirs from Europe: San Marino
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From Serbia, bring a lycid heart – a beautiful figured gingerbread, which is a traditional symbol of the country.

Publication from Danilo Dačo Jaraković (@danilo_daco_jarakovic)


Alcoholic drinks are often brought from Slovakia, but they can take up a lot of space in luggage. You can buy a skin-wrapped bottle called Pijacka Poharik. She is put on her neck so she will not lose.

Publication from Anička (@anickamakovicka)


Slovenia is famous for the production of rock crystal. You can buy jewelry or a set of miniature wine glasses.

souvenirs from Europe: Slovenia
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Bring a Nazar from Turkey – a traditional amulet from a bad evil eye. The image of the eye can be found on bracelets, rings and other ornaments.

souvenirs from Europe: Turkey
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As a souvenir, you can bring Ukrainian embroidery, which has long adorned clothes, tablecloths, napkins and other things.

souvenirs from Europe: Ukraine
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Textile and clothing of Marimekko company are especially popular in Finland. Their design is recognizable all over the world. You can buy a beautiful picture for your apartment.

souvenirs from Europe: Finland
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Some of the Parisian candle stores were opened in the XVII century. They offer a rich selection of candles: from simple to the most refined. They will not take up much space and will be a great gift.

souvenirs from Europe: France
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In the XVII century in Croatia, a tie was invented. This part of the wardrobe fell to the taste first of the Parisian aristocracy, and then to the whole world. In some specialized shops in Croatia, sellers can even help you invent your own tie tying technique.

souvenirs from Europe: Croatia
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Montenegrin cap is a national headdress. The black color symbolizes grief over the former greatness of the country, five gold stripes – the 500-year rule of the Ottoman yoke, and red color – the blood shed in the struggle for the country’s independence. Kapa – a popular souvenir among tourists.

souvenirs from Europe: Montenegro
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Czech Republic

In addition to Bohemian glass and beer, a fine souvenir from the Czech Republic will be products from the Czech pomegranate.

souvenirs from Europe: Czech Republic
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At more than 800 railway stations in the country you will see a Mondaine watch. The firm also produces wall and wristwatches. And what else in the first place need to buy in Switzerland?

souvenirs from Europe: Switzerland
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From Sweden, bring the salted liquorice. It is available in the form of sweets, as well as additives for chocolate, biscuits and ice cream.

souvenirs from Europe: Sweden
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In Estonia stylish wooden accessories have gained popularity: cases for phones, bow ties, ornaments, cufflinks and much more. Multicolored souvenirs have an intricate geometric shape.

souvenirs from Europe: Estonia
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What unusual souvenirs did you bring from travels in Europe?