15 best sites for lovers of documentary films

The use of modern technologies in film production made it possible to make a qualitative leap in the entertainment of films. Today we can watch absolutely authentic dinosaurs on the screens, enjoy space adventures in distant galaxies, watch out for court intrigues in fictional kingdoms. The picture at the same time looks so true, that some people have a complete mixture of fiction and reality in their heads.

Therefore, every person who has a critical mindset must sooner or later understand the full value of documentary films. Yes, it’s possible that these films are not so effective, but with their help you can escape from the captivity of specially created illusions and find out what happened and is happening in the world actually. Moreover, real stories sometimes surpass any imaginative scenarios. You can verify this yourself using any of the sites listed below.

1. Top Documentary Films was created in 2007 and for the past time gathered around itself a huge army of fans. It gives an opportunity to view the full-length documentaries free of charge as famous masters of this genre, as well as completely unknown novice directors. Currently, there are more than 3,000 documentaries, which are divided into 25 different categories.

2. DokPro offers to watch documentary TV-series and films on various topics: sports dramas, crime, military history, adventure, politics, investigations and much more. The number of films available here is not impressive, but for them to view you do not need knowledge of a foreign language.


3. Documentary Storm offers free full-length documentaries, collected from all over the Internet. Quality design, often updated catalog, free of charge, lack of registration made this site one of the most beloved of all fans of documentary films.

4. Documentary Heaven, Like many other sites in this review, it does not store any files on its server, but only provides a directory for convenient search and viewing of movies from YouTube and Vimeo. Thus, the creators of this resource have the opportunity to provide users with high-quality and interesting popular science tapes on a variety of topics, without violating the law.

5. Documentary Addict contains, perhaps, the largest collection of films from the resources presented here – 5,282 tapes. Here you can find the work of documentaries on almost any topic, ranging from social problems and to the mystery of the emergence of our universe. Each film is accompanied by a brief description, a genre tag and a resource estimate.

Documentary Addict

6. Documentary Tube offers a very wide selection of full-length documentaries covering 22 categories, such as art, health, science, travel, history and so on. Many will be interested in the section Top 100 Documentary Videos, where there is a list of the most popular films according to the numerous audience of this site.

7. Documentary Guide – this is one of the few sites where all incoming films are pre-moderated. The editors of the site have created one of the largest and finest organized collections of documentaries, distributed by subject, provided with tags and brief descriptions.

8. Documentary 24 is updated very rarely, so you are unlikely to find here the latest movies. But the archives contain a lot of interesting content, because documentary cinema is one of those genres that never becomes obsolete.

9. Free Documentaries – a real find for connoisseurs of documentary films. In addition to several hundred free full-length films, this site provides viewers with a unique fact-checking system. If you see a false or erroneous information in a tape, you can attach your comment directly to this scene, so that other viewers pay attention to it.

Free Documentaries

10. Documentary Wire considers the main purpose of the exchange of knowledge, the dissemination of scientific ideas and simply the provision of quality films. New tapes are added to the site almost every day by the users themselves. Viewing is available without registration, but in order to offer your movie, you will need to create an account.

11. DokOnline is one of the few sites where you can watch movies in Russian. And let the design of this resource is a little outdated, but here is simply a huge collection of films of various subjects, including unique Soviet popular-science and historical tapes.

12. The Documentary Network Is a site, the description of which reads: “The real life is more amazing than any fiction.” To prove this, the creators select the most amazing and unusual tapes, which sometimes transform the person’s views on the world around him.

The Documentary Network

13. DocumKino Is a site with a terrible design, but valuable content. In fact, this is a catalog of links to documentary films by such well-known television companies as BBC, National Geographic, Discovery and others. The main advantage of this site is the availability of films with Russian dubbing.

14. Documentary-Log was founded by fans of documentaries that collect here the best tapes from around the Internet. The catalog of this site does not impress with the number of films, but all of them are available free of charge and without registration.

15. Science Documentaries – site for science lovers. Here you can find only those popular science films that are devoted to real research and discoveries. Note that there are no films devoted to metaphysics, paranormal phenomena, UFOs and other occult sciences. So you can safely trust the information from this site.

And what sites for lovers of documentaries can you advise?