17 useful Google Docs features you need to know

Many people think that in the online text editor Google Docs can only type simple texts, nothing more is simply not suitable. In fact, this is far from the case. In the depths of this web application there are many useful functions that will help you to work no worse than in some kind of Microsoft Office.

1. Turn on offline access

Google Docs can work offline. In this case, you can create new ones and continue editing existing documents. The next time you connect to the Internet, all changes will be synchronized. To activate this function, open the Google Drive site and go to the settings menu that appears after clicking the button with the gear.

Google Docs features

2. Collaboration

The Google Docs editor provides us with everything we need to work together on documents. You can easily share the text, and you can fine-tune the access rights to the file. So, you can only allow viewing, viewing and commenting, or even giving full access to editing. In the latter case, all changes made by your employees will be reflected in real time, and you will work on the text together in the literal sense of the word.

3. Publish the documents

Ready-made documents can be demonstrated not only to a limited number of employees, but also published on the Web. To do this, click File – Publish to the web. Get a link to a web page or code to insert a document into your site.

Google Docs Tips 3

4. Look for errors

Check for errors in the Google Docs editor in general is easy. Just find the menu Instruments command Spellcheck, and you will see a small pane showing successively each error found and suggesting ways to fix it.

Google Docs Tips 4

5. Insert links

The online Google editor contains a convenient tool for inserting links. It’s worthwhile to highlight the word in the text and click on the link insert button, as a pop-up window appears that suggests the most likely relevant links. Typically, this is an article from Wikipedia and the first few links from Google search for this word.

Google Docs Tips 5

6. Use your styles

If you do not like the built-in text formatting styles, then you can easily set your own. To do this, type the text with the desired font, and then in the style selection menu, click Update the style according to the selection.

Google Docs Tips 6

7. Personal dictionary

If the editor constantly emphasizes the word as wrong, but you know for certain that this is not the case, then simply add it to the user dictionary. To do this, select it in the text, and then select the command from the shortcut menu Add to user dictionary.

Google Docs Tips 7

8. Web Clipboard

Office suite Google has a very interesting feature called “Web Clipboard.” This feature allows you to copy several snippets of text, pictures, tables and then paste them into any Google document. Thus, it is such a dimensionless clipboard that is accessible from any computer and operates within the office programs of Google. You can access it from the menu Edit – Web Clipboard.

Google Docs Tips 8

9. Advanced Search

The Advanced Search Tool in Google Docs is a special toolbar for searching for various information in the process of working on a document. To call it, you can use a special item in the menu Instruments or a combination of hotkeys Ctrl + Alt + R. More information about this function you can learn from this article.

10. Additions

The functionality of Google Docs can be expanded with special add-ons. They are both from third-party developers, and from Google itself. Usually they serve to add support for new formats, convert files and more convenient application of the editor for various purposes. To get acquainted with some of the useful additions you can here.

11. Drag images from the desktop or another site

Not everyone knows, but in a Google Docs document, you can insert pictures by simply dragging them from your desktop or file manager. And if you need to insert a picture from another web page, then just drag and drop it to the desired place in the text, and it will automatically appear in your document.

12. Translate the documents

If you work with documents in a foreign language, then Google Docs has a built-in translator. It is located in the menu Tools – Translate document.

Google Docs Tips 12

13. Navigating through complex documents

If you have opened a complex large document, it is easy to navigate in its structure to help display the table of contents. This function can be found in the menu Additions – Table of Contents – Show in Sidebar.

Google Docs Tips 14

14. Turn on full screen mode

Many people like special text editors, which contain a minimum of distracting elements and occupy the entire screen of the monitor. This helps to work more productively and focus only on the text. You can also activate this mode in Google Docs. To do this, open the menu View and uncheck the box Show ruler. Then select the command Compact controls or Full Screen.

15. Use the template gallery

Do not forget that the Google Office suite contains a pretty good gallery of templates. It is located at this address, and it contains many useful pieces that can make your work easier.

16. Automatic content insertion

If you want to insert a table of contents into your document, you do not have to do it manually. It’s just enough to find in the menu Insert paragraph Table of contents, and the editor will do everything for you.

Google Docs Tips 16

17. Use bookmarks in the document

Sometimes it happens that you need to give a link not to the entire document, which can be quite voluminous, but to a separate paragraph. In this case, we will be helped by bookmarks. Place the cursor in the desired place in the text, and then select from the menu Insert paragraph Bookmark.