Bot for Telegram “Your stickers” will allow you to store the necessary stickers on hand

Telegram is considered by many to be the best messenger due to its stickers. Their number is huge, and there is hardly an emotion in the spectrum of human feelings, for which there is no sticker.

Stickerpacks are very many, and this their dignity smoothly flows into a flaw. Installing dozens of stickers in a row, at some point you start to get confused in them. While you are feverishly searching for the right one, the interlocutor waits for a long time, wondering why the chat is quiet. And besides, only one sticker can be attracted to the package, and the rest can not cause anything other than irritation.

But there is a solution. Bot “Your Stickers” can store your favorite stickers in your personal pack, making it easier to find your favorite images.


It’s simple: to create your own personal set of stickers, send the bot those that you like. He will offer to save your set, which will then be automatically updated after you send new stickers. Its collection can then be managed through an official bot.

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