Codemonkey – exciting learning programming for children

All parents know very well how difficult it is to tear their children from the game and sit them down for lessons. Especially when you have to study something boring and complicated, for example programming. However, the creators of the site CodeMonkey decided to approach the learning process from the right side and turned it into an exciting game. From such programming it will be difficult to tear off not only children, but even their parents.

CodeMonkey – this is a simple online game, in the course of which children can get acquainted with the basics of programming. The whole process is divided into separate levels, and it is unlikely that you will need to pass each one more than a few minutes. At any time, you can interrupt the passage (progress is saved) or go back a few steps.

CodeMonkey levels

During the game, the child will have to manage a small monkey that walks around the playing field and collects bananas. To do this, the player must compose a chain of commands in the right text panel, and then run them to execute. Each level is given hints, so that even the schoolchildren of lower grades will be able to cope with the task. Moreover, the service is Russified, and the tasks very gradually increase their complexity. Everything starts with very simple actions, but then the child will learn to make really complicated algorithms.

CodeMonkey programming

Overall, this online course is a very good example of how studying even complex things can be exciting and exciting. We strongly recommend that you show CodeMonkey to your child.