Convenient services for placing an online portfolio

With the development of online resources that allow job seekers and employers to interact in the network, the thought comes to a more convenient and competent way of placing their portfolio. In this regard, LinkedIn and similar services provide good opportunities for placing “labor exploits” and any other information that increases your quality in the eyes of the employer, and also helps to attract more attention to you as a specialist.

Convenient services for placing an online portfolio
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The service for hosting the online portfolio should combine all the necessary functionality, providing quick and convenient access to all the information important in the assessment of a person: summaries, cover letters, recommendations, certificates and all sorts of examples of your successful activities. In addition, this should also include contact information, such as links to profiles in various services. It is important that all this information is properly grouped and presented, providing maximum comfort and convenience for acquaintance with it.

We suggest that you familiarize yourself with several services that, to some extent, provide enough functionality to host your online portfolio.


Convenient services for placing an online portfolio

This service is an analogue of Facebook Timeline, but taking into account the specificity of the focus, that is, the focus is on work activity. The employee can celebrate his achievements, indicate areas of interest, etc. An important element is the social component of the service, allowing several employees within the company to interact with each other, but such opportunities are provided for a fee.


Convenient services for placing an online portfolio

This tool is a more classic service for placing an online portfolio. In particular, it is aimed at designers. Carbonmade provides quite a few ways to personalize your portfolio. You can also get your own address like “”.


Convenient services for placing an online portfolio

Pinterest can hardly be called a functional self-sufficient tool for creating your online portfolio, however, if your activity is connected with graphics, this resource can bring you many benefits. By posting on it examples of their work and having their own site, you can attract a lot of traffic and attention to yourself.


Convenient services for placing an online portfolio

This service works on the principle of “show and tell” and perfectly suits designers and artists. The resource allows you to place some details of the workflow and the resulting final result.

And what resources do you use to place the portfolio?