Gmail or 10 advantages of the new Microsoft service

Most recently, Microsoft introduced the updated face of its online email client. You can read the review of this service here. Together with a new, by the way very nice, appearance, he acquired many interesting functions. Let’s see what distinguishes from the most popular and powerful competitor Gmail.

Gmail or 10 advantages of the new Microsoft service

Yes, for users of Gmail with the experience and hayters Microsoft the statement of the question, taken out in the headline, can cause indignation. Nevertheless, to be objective, we must admit that turned out to be a very promising service. Along with a convenient, clean, beautiful interface, it contains many other nice features that many competitors can not boast of.

1. Entry with a temporary password

Outlook Service Overview

If you work for someone else’s or public computer, you can use a one-time temporary password for your login, which prevents theft of the main password. To do this, your account must be associated with the mobile phone number, to which the temporary password for the entry is sent.

2. Unlimited place for letters and investments

Gmail limits the disk space of 10 GB for a free account. In, they promise to increase the size of the box as they fill, so you can talk about an unlimited space for storing mail.

The Microsoft Outlook service includes an e-mail store that expands so that you have plenty of space for emails. This means that your mailbox automatically increases as needed.

3. Easy recovery of deleted messages

In, you can easily recover mistakenly deleted emails, even if you have already deleted them from the Recycle Bin. To do this, go to Shopping cart and find at the very bottom of the link Recover Deleted Messages.

Outlook main advantages

4. Creating nicknames for your mail

Sometimes we need to use a mailing address for registrations on various services or forums where I would not like to leave my main email. In this case, many use a one-time temporary mail. In Outlook, you can create an alias for your email address, which you can use if necessary.

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5. Using HTML and CSS in letters

Outlook, like Gmail, allows writing letters using a handy WYSIWYG editor to help you compose a beautiful letter with images, headings, text alignment and other formatting.

Along with this, Outlook offers HTML for writing letters, where you can work directly with HTML and CSS code. To do this, select Options-> edit in HTML format.

comparing Outlook and Gmail

6. Quick blocking of unwanted messages

If you receive letters that you do not like, you can easily block the recipient or even a whole mail service. In Gmail, a filter system is used for this, but in Outlook this is much easier.

Outlook and Gmail features, differences, features

You just need to mark unwanted emails, and then in the menu Clean up select item delete everything.

7. Convenient sending of large files and attachments

In Outlook, like in Gmail, you can easily transfer files up to 25 MB. If you need to send a larger file, you will have to download it to one of the third-party services such as Dropbox or GDrive and send the link.

Outlook is tightly integrated with SkyDrive and if you try to send a file that is too large, it will be automatically sent through this service without any additional actions.

8. Quick search for large letters

We’ve already seen several third-party services that help filter out messages in Gmail in size. In, this feature is built-in by default.

how to send a large file by mail

9. Integration with social networks

Google has included Google+ support in all of its products. The grid is excellent, but only a few of the living people use it. Microsoft decided not to reinvent the wheel and integrated Outlook with Facebook, where all your friends live. And soon it will be possible to fully support Skype …

integration with social networks in Outlook

10. Speed ​​of work

Although this is only a beta version, impresses with its speed. Switching between folders, creating new letters, viewing attachments, sorting a large number of items occur almost without delays and hangs.

Thus, we can definitely conclude that Microsoft has finally turned out. Excellent, modern, functional service, which is really nice to use. I personally already configured the forwarding from my main mailbox to Are you ready to change Gmail?