How to give out your IP address for American

All you need is to download a small program to your device, select in its US settings and turn on VPN mode. Then she will do everything for you, and you will have access to the American sites blocked in your country.

We’ll tell you how to do this using the example of the Betternet VPN service. It is very simple, supports American IP, is cross-platform and works in the browser for free. Therefore, Betternet is suitable for most people who want to disguise as an Internet user from the United States.

To use Betternet on your computer, it’s easiest to download a special browser extension. There are versions for Firefox and Google Chrome. When the plug-in is installed, click on its icon and select United States in the Select Location section. After that, click Connect. The plugin will mask your IP under American, until you disconnect it by clicking Disconnect.

It’s so easy to go with the plug-in to the site of the Internet radio Pandora, officially available only in the US:

If the variant with the browser does not suit you, you can use Betternet on the computer through the desktop client. It can be downloaded and installed on Windows or macOS from the official project site.

Betternet also works on devices running Android and iOS. The principle on these platforms is almost the same: install the application, select the US and activate the VPN. But to use American IP-addresses on a mobile device, you need to make a paid subscription. However, nothing surprising, good and at the same time completely free VPN-service you are unlikely to find.

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